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“I was able to trade enough to make enough down to purchase a home (thanks Harry)!”
"Brett_A"Trading Room2016-06-21
“I try to put a lot of effort into things and now appreciate more than ever how you and TTT have helped me improve my trading which recently peaked to a new personal high 80% success rate. By improving my ability to better understand how to "technically" detail trades, which I had never done before joining the room, it has proved to be a difference maker in conquering the stock market on a daily basis. Your expertise and enthusiasm for technical trading you teach every day online in the live videos, nightly charts of the day and weekend webinar is contagious as I now can truly say that I love trading stocks more than ever. My only regret since joining TTT is that I wish I had found your site years ago! Keep up the great work as I wanted to let you know that there are a lot of members like me who would not be better off today financially without you.”
"Peter_F"Trading Room2015-06-07
“Hi everyone, I am fairly new to the room and would like to say I have had the best week ever since I started trading 5 years ago. On top of HB being absolutely amazing all of you are so helpful. ”
"Jasmine"Trading Room2016-03-05
“My first week in the room and I love it. Made money and learned a whole bunch. Attention to detail is out of this world. Been in some other rooms where you get 10% of what Harry gives you. Harry does a great presentation at the Traders Expo, try to catch one.”
"NeilH"Trading Room2016-03-04
“"If I had a group like this in the 90s, I would have never blown up my accounts twice. As for HB there is no other group leader or a person that is running a paid service giving you what HB giving you." "Ladies & Gentleman the edge we have here with HB is that Mr. Boxer has so much PASSION for the markets [and] for his TT Room. It's in his blood. That my friends is an edge money cant buy. Trust me if HB was all about the $$$ - we could not afford him with the time he puts into us!"”
CJnycTrading Room2015-07-03
“I wanted to recognize HB's BRILLIANT calls today especially on LABU and his mkt bottom call earlier in the day. Absolutely incredible guidance in a treacherous market that only one with as much experience and mkt wisdom could successfully navigate. ”
"Mick" Trading Room2016-01-21
“Would Like to say Harry that I have been in wall street 42+ years and the last 20 as a market maker..Have seen a lot of services..( A lot ) but never have I seen a more realistic, genuine trader as yourself...You are a credit to the industry and hope to be here a very long time...No one is right all the time and your approach to trading is right on..again congrats on a very successful service!”
"SonnyBlack"Trading Room2014-12-10
“I am new here and tried various rooms previously, but at last I found Harry Boxer and I can tell from my experiences if you really serious in learning how to day and swing trade, Harry Boxer is a real Hero..... if you want to stay in this business, you cannot find better site than this.”
"Satya"Trading Room2016-03-02
“Your CROX call just made me 2 months worth of subscription!”
"Minh"Trading Room2016-05-12
“After selling mdvn after hours at 60.24 and all positive trades on your sons,bcei,and clf, I have rang the register for the years subscription! ”
"RingTheRegister"Trading Room2016-05-04
“There is lot of trading room choices out there for would be traders. I saw Harry on a free Saturday seminar. What set him apart from the other presenters was his passion for his subject. What I've discovered in my few short weeks here is that Harry is also an A-grade mentor. He doesn't necessarily hold your hand on everything, but with repetition, he patiently and energetically models the advanced techniques he's refined day after day. And it works. I'm really happy to be here.”
"UnoTrader"Trading Room2016-02-15
“Thanks Harry, 10 straight days in the green thanks to you and this board!”
"JoeM"Trading Room2016-02-18
“Let me say this about Harry. I never had a Trader teach so much and put so much time and Passion into his teachings, charts etc. Having Harry in the background with his Market Direction and running commentary makes it so much easier.Seeing his perspective on a stock and direction is Fantastic.”
"MichaelM"Trading Room2016-02-14
“I just want to say I have been watching Harry's Charts of the Day for years now and finally made the move to the trading room. IMHO you can't afford NOT to be in HB's trading room! I have traded so many good stocks from the free video updates and now I will be able to evaluate them even better throughout the day with Harry's help”
"Chele" Trading Room2015-04-10
“Best move of 2014 for me was joining the TechTrader family. Fantastic education, service and community! ”
"Slider"Trading Room2014-12-21
“You know, you have to go away for a while and look at other stock services to come to the conclusion that Harry Boxer is the best. Best at calling support/resistance and targets but also an awesome teacher. It is great to be back on the winning team.”
txtrader/LindaTrading Room2015-06-16
“My trading technique has greatly improved in the trial and my swing trades has brought me 20% gain in one week. ”
fish88Trading Room2015-03-17
“Love your style and analysis, Harry. This is just what I've been looking for. And I appreciate that you keep it about trading, and that your trading room isn't filled with meaningless commentary. You're serious about what you do, to the point and I can't tell you how fantastic that is. Thank you.”
ForrestTrading Room2015-06-08
“Due largely in part to being a member, My Q1 returns were 36%.!! I've always had a passion for the market but now, thx to you, I finally found a home. With some smart trading decision and a little luck I truly hope to be a permanent fixture in your room!! Thanks again for all that you bring to the table!”
"DavidinDallas"Trading Room2015-04-03
“Today was my best trading day ever, thanks to the trading concepts I am learning from you. Listening to you is like drinking from a fire hose -- you give out so much!! But it is life changing for me, and it's not very often that someone changes your life. Thank you so much!!”
"UnoTrader"Trading Room2016-02-18
“I came to the trading room about three months ago. I think that I made the right choice when i signed up to Harry. I raised my account 20% on average. Thank you Harry for being here always on time with numerous amount of updates. That is amazing. I tell my friends about your level of discipline as an example how to treat any business.”
"Nataliia"Trading Room2015-02-14
“I am a newbie who has tried 3 other subscription trading sites; they are like watching paint dry compared to this one! Thanks HB for your tireless efforts to make the tech trader so amazing!”
"JohnnyBgood"Trading Room2015-02-07
“Thank you Harry!! After our first 3 days, we have made enough to pay our monthly subscription twice!! Thanks for your guidance and patience.”
MARVICTrading Room2015-02-12
“Killer day today! Made some nice trades! One of my top days yet! Love learning from HB and the room every day. Thanks harry your service is awesome!”
"KM"Trading Room2015-01-29
“Let me first start off and say THANK YOU, for your hard work and dedication each and everyday. I have been trading for 20 yrs, and been around the block more times then Mr. Softee and can say hands down bar none. your approach and dedication to educate while making money is far superior then what I've seen out there. Keep up the great work!!.”
"Sean718"Trading Room2014-11-28
“I am really glad I caught your 2 minute blurb on the Denver radio show on 8/13/14.... {since joining} my Regular account is up 57.6% (yes that's right-57.6% in 2 weeks) and my IRA account is up 2.76%---amazing!!!”
"powderboy(Jeff)"Trading Room2014-08-30
“Having just passed my 10th month with handsome profits, the true key ,in my humble opinion, is just learning how HB operates...he is a coach, educator, friend...someone who truly cares about our individual and collective success. His track record and work ethic are impeccable...and the collective amount of talented folks in the room is super.”
joninvaTrading Room2015-01-09
“....I have been here 1 year and have made $200k on about $40k. I always loved the technical side and have learned a great deal from you. Will be buying your book also, thanks”
"Ragoo"Trading Room2014-03-07
“I admire HB's stamina!!! Without his advice and direction, this would be a near impossible task to profit and enjoy trading. I would say that in all the years of trades I have done on my own, or with a broker, the TTT is the best thing I have ever done bar none. The new website, the charts of the day and the Saturday webinar are fantastic as all have helped me not only learn how to chart more effectively but how to understand/interpret/trade stocks with tremendous success.”
"Peter F." Trading Room2015-04-14
“Been here two plus years. Had 2nd best single day ever even being so much in cash. Thanks HB! ”
"Healthguy"Trading Room2014-07-01

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