Testimonials - TheTechTrader

“I was able to trade enough to make enough down to purchase a home (thanks Harry)!”
"Brett_A"Trading Room2016-06-21
“I try to put a lot of effort into things and now appreciate more than ever how you and TTT have helped me improve my trading which recently peaked to a new personal high 80% success rate. By improving my ability to better understand how to "technically" detail trades, which I had never done before joining the room, it has proved to be a difference maker in conquering the stock market on a daily basis. Your expertise and enthusiasm for technical trading you teach every day online in the live videos, nightly charts of the day and weekend webinar is contagious as I now can truly say that I love trading stocks more than ever. My only regret since joining TTT is that I wish I had found your site years ago! Keep up the great work as I wanted to let you know that there are a lot of members like me who would not be better off today financially without you.”
"Peter_F"Trading Room2015-06-07
“Hi everyone, I am fairly new to the room and would like to say I have had the best week ever since I started trading 5 years ago. On top of HB being absolutely amazing all of you are so helpful. ”
"Jasmine"Trading Room2016-03-05
“My first week in the room and I love it. Made money and learned a whole bunch. Attention to detail is out of this world. Been in some other rooms where you get 10% of what Harry gives you. Harry does a great presentation at the Traders Expo, try to catch one.”
"NeilH"Trading Room2016-03-04
“"If I had a group like this in the 90s, I would have never blown up my accounts twice. As for HB there is no other group leader or a person that is running a paid service giving you what HB giving you." "Ladies & Gentleman the edge we have here with HB is that Mr. Boxer has so much PASSION for the markets [and] for his TT Room. It's in his blood. That my friends is an edge money cant buy. Trust me if HB was all about the $$$ - we could not afford him with the time he puts into us!"”
CJnycTrading Room2015-07-03
“I wanted to recognize HB's BRILLIANT calls today especially on LABU and his mkt bottom call earlier in the day. Absolutely incredible guidance in a treacherous market that only one with as much experience and mkt wisdom could successfully navigate. ”
"Mick" Trading Room2016-01-21
“Would Like to say Harry that I have been in wall street 42+ years and the last 20 as a market maker..Have seen a lot of services..( A lot ) but never have I seen a more realistic, genuine trader as yourself...You are a credit to the industry and hope to be here a very long time...No one is right all the time and your approach to trading is right on..again congrats on a very successful service!”
"SonnyBlack"Trading Room2014-12-10
“I am new here and tried various rooms previously, but at last I found Harry Boxer and I can tell from my experiences if you really serious in learning how to day and swing trade, Harry Boxer is a real Hero..... if you want to stay in this business, you cannot find better site than this.”
"Satya"Trading Room2016-03-02
“Your CROX call just made me 2 months worth of subscription!”
"Minh"Trading Room2016-05-12
“After selling mdvn after hours at 60.24 and all positive trades on your sons,bcei,and clf, I have rang the register for the years subscription! ”
"RingTheRegister"Trading Room2016-05-04
“There is lot of trading room choices out there for would be traders. I saw Harry on a free Saturday seminar. What set him apart from the other presenters was his passion for his subject. What I've discovered in my few short weeks here is that Harry is also an A-grade mentor. He doesn't necessarily hold your hand on everything, but with repetition, he patiently and energetically models the advanced techniques he's refined day after day. And it works. I'm really happy to be here.”
"UnoTrader"Trading Room2016-02-15
“Thanks Harry, 10 straight days in the green thanks to you and this board!”
"JoeM"Trading Room2016-02-18
“Let me say this about Harry. I never had a Trader teach so much and put so much time and Passion into his teachings, charts etc. Having Harry in the background with his Market Direction and running commentary makes it so much easier.Seeing his perspective on a stock and direction is Fantastic.”
"MichaelM"Trading Room2016-02-14
“I just want to say I have been watching Harry's Charts of the Day for years now and finally made the move to the trading room. IMHO you can't afford NOT to be in HB's trading room! I have traded so many good stocks from the free video updates and now I will be able to evaluate them even better throughout the day with Harry's help”
"Chele" Trading Room2015-04-10
“Best move of 2014 for me was joining the TechTrader family. Fantastic education, service and community! ”
"Slider"Trading Room2014-12-21
“You know, you have to go away for a while and look at other stock services to come to the conclusion that Harry Boxer is the best. Best at calling support/resistance and targets but also an awesome teacher. It is great to be back on the winning team.”
txtrader/LindaTrading Room2015-06-16
“My trading technique has greatly improved in the trial and my swing trades has brought me 20% gain in one week. ”
fish88Trading Room2015-03-17
“Love your style and analysis, Harry. This is just what I've been looking for. And I appreciate that you keep it about trading, and that your trading room isn't filled with meaningless commentary. You're serious about what you do, to the point and I can't tell you how fantastic that is. Thank you.”
ForrestTrading Room2015-06-08
“Due largely in part to being a member, My Q1 returns were 36%.!! I've always had a passion for the market but now, thx to you, I finally found a home. With some smart trading decision and a little luck I truly hope to be a permanent fixture in your room!! Thanks again for all that you bring to the table!”
"DavidinDallas"Trading Room2015-04-03
“Today was my best trading day ever, thanks to the trading concepts I am learning from you. Listening to you is like drinking from a fire hose -- you give out so much!! But it is life changing for me, and it's not very often that someone changes your life. Thank you so much!!”
"UnoTrader"Trading Room2016-02-18
“I came to the trading room about three months ago. I think that I made the right choice when i signed up to Harry. I raised my account 20% on average. Thank you Harry for being here always on time with numerous amount of updates. That is amazing. I tell my friends about your level of discipline as an example how to treat any business.”
"Nataliia"Trading Room2015-02-14
“I am a newbie who has tried 3 other subscription trading sites; they are like watching paint dry compared to this one! Thanks HB for your tireless efforts to make the tech trader so amazing!”
"JohnnyBgood"Trading Room2015-02-07
“Thank you Harry!! After our first 3 days, we have made enough to pay our monthly subscription twice!! Thanks for your guidance and patience.”
MARVICTrading Room2015-02-12
“Killer day today! Made some nice trades! One of my top days yet! Love learning from HB and the room every day. Thanks harry your service is awesome!”
"KM"Trading Room2015-01-29
“Let me first start off and say THANK YOU, for your hard work and dedication each and everyday. I have been trading for 20 yrs, and been around the block more times then Mr. Softee and can say hands down bar none. your approach and dedication to educate while making money is far superior then what I've seen out there. Keep up the great work!!.”
"Sean718"Trading Room2014-11-28
“I am really glad I caught your 2 minute blurb on the Denver radio show on 8/13/14.... {since joining} my Regular account is up 57.6% (yes that's right-57.6% in 2 weeks) and my IRA account is up 2.76%---amazing!!!”
"powderboy(Jeff)"Trading Room2014-08-30
“Having just passed my 10th month with handsome profits, the true key ,in my humble opinion, is just learning how HB operates...he is a coach, educator, friend...someone who truly cares about our individual and collective success. His track record and work ethic are impeccable...and the collective amount of talented folks in the room is super.”
joninvaTrading Room2015-01-09
“....I have been here 1 year and have made $200k on about $40k. I always loved the technical side and have learned a great deal from you. Will be buying your book also, thanks”
"Ragoo"Trading Room2014-03-07
“I admire HB's stamina!!! Without his advice and direction, this would be a near impossible task to profit and enjoy trading. I would say that in all the years of trades I have done on my own, or with a broker, the TTT is the best thing I have ever done bar none. The new website, the charts of the day and the Saturday webinar are fantastic as all have helped me not only learn how to chart more effectively but how to understand/interpret/trade stocks with tremendous success.”
"Peter F." Trading Room2015-04-14
“Been here two plus years. Had 2nd best single day ever even being so much in cash. Thanks HB! ”
"Healthguy"Trading Room2014-07-01
“I wanted to thank you HB and TTs for this great site. HB, I join your site every morning and really appreciate how you provide us with a focus list and review the news and charts with great care and dedication and are very careful when you submit day trade ideas.... the education and insight is great.”
"Pappy" Trading Room2015-01-07
“HB, I wanted to thank you for the 12k I'm up since starting to trade (started 10 days ago for the first time). It's been amazing the quantity and quality of information I've been able to absorb from this room in 2 weeks. Thank you all, specially HB!”
"gbe"Trading Room2014-08-30
“Just a quick note.. My trading % gain is 58.6 since I started trading with you ! Have seen some significant profits from your ideas but more importantly you saved me a ton of money with your trading style...Changed completely how I trade..thanks Again”
SonnyBlackTrading Room2015-03-17
“Harry Boxer, author of The Technical Trader, was the next presenter that I saw. I was attracted to his presentation due to the focus on recognizing familiar price/volume action patterns that Boxer has used in his 40 years of trading. Boxer hosts a chat room, and in his presentation, he talked about some of the recent trades he discussed in the room. Some members of the audience apparently are members of his chat room as I heard several people talk about the gains that they made as members. The setups presented seemed reasonable and along with strict money management, it would appear that one could be successful in learning how to trade or simply following along. I believe the knowledge that I gained was more than worth the time and would recommend others to listen to what Boxer has to say.”
Robert WeinsteinSeeking Alpha2011-03-01
“I am self employed, so I can not study this STUFF night and day..but w/ HB...I have turned around my trading acct from $40,000 down before I subscribed to a profit in 9 months. ”
"GOLFGUY"Trading Room2014-09-09
“I love this site. Harry has to be the hardest working guy EVER. I pop on and off this site all the time. There's nothing you can't ask at any time. And it seems he always posting something useful and seemingly day and night. Harry's a machine. What I like best is that if you're thinking of doing something stupid he tells you in no uncertain terms which is exactly what you want. That alone is worth the price of admission”
"simpleTIM"Trading Room2014-08-13
“I wanted to thank you for the advice, support and education that you provide - it's remarkable! I've been trading for 10 years and have never encountered someone as dedicated and knowledgeable about the market and technical analysis as you are. {I} will be a member for life. ”
"Andre"Trading Room2014-11-28
“Harry, your analysis is golden my man... you really stand out... amazing trader, it has been a great pleasure trading with you... ”
"RRome"Trading Room2014-10-20
“Seriously where can I go to work for 5 hours to come home and make twice as much money in 30 minutes! Love it!”
"stockoperator"Trading Room2014-06-16
“Just wanted to thank you for all your great info! And I am really impressed with the quality of the traders in this room. It is really a great group of fantastic traders and I just wanted to pound the table how great the room is becoming.”
"txtrader/Linda"Trading Room2014-07-29
“Harry's book (Profitable Day & Swing Trading) is a must read. Unlike other trading periodicals, HB does a fantastic job laying out how to be a more effective trader utilizing his technical trading method. Without it, I would not be doing as well as I am AND, more importantly, understanding how to make better and more fundamental day and swing trades. I am most fortunate that I found his site to be where I am today in the market. ”
"PeterF."Trading Room2015-03-05
“New member.!!. First swing trade with you... almost paid for the whole year with one trade! Big thanks.”
"Slider"Trading Room2014-08-07
“Harry changed my life with the Swing trades service!!!!”
Oren Bayazi2014-03-04
“THIS IS THE BEST EVER TRADING PLACE TO BE, IF YOU LOOKING for MAKING MONEY,THE BEST EDUCATIONAL AND MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITY in trading stocks.I am very proud of you HB.Great work for all yours years.Will recommend to everybody,it is really true.Best of the best,high end technical trader.Thank you!!!”
"Amber"Trading Room2014-06-25
“Harry, just FYI..since joining you in March last year, I am up 200%, and for the 2013 year, I am up by 172%. Many many thanks. I only traded SWINGS 95% of the time. Had I been more disciplined with stops and stuck with your targets, I would have done even better”
"SP"Trading Room2014-01-07
“I did 56k this month.I was 81% correct on my trades.I traded 20 days and 2 were negative. I did this on my laptop while working my regular job during the day. I bet I did better than Ackman. lol. Tell Harry thanks!”
Paul K.Irving, TX2013-08-01
“I really appreciate the time and commitment you put into this site. It's awesome.... By the way, even after the bios got hammered today I still finished up 31K for the week! ”
"HBR"Trading Room2014-02-28
“One trade today, based on HB's call, resulted in a gain equal to a year's subscription to this site. I'm up 28 percent since Jan 1 (written on Jan 15th), and I have to acknowledge that it's because of HB and the input I get from this site.”
"DougC"Trading Room2014-01-15
“HB , I used to get so caught up in trying to figure out were stocks and the market were going to go next. Big mistake I was consistently losing money joined your service this past april and have been in the green ever since.......I am helping my son get thru college using your guidance, I thank you for that. ”
"Toby"Trading Room2014-01-20
“"Harry Just wanted to tell you .... Your site is more than educational- it's also fun." " I am coming upon 1 month being back on your service. I am ahead 39k already...."”
"Mo_(MEC)"Trading Room2014-03-20
“HI HB...I am astonished. Overall portfolio again reached a new high today...EVEN with some day trade losses and some stocks in the red...you are amazing. I listen listen listen and so appreciate your talents and style and energy! Thank you..my husband cannot believe it!”
"7DiamondsSarah"Trading Room2013-11-11
“Thanks for great trade suggestions. Profits near $30,000 in 5 weeks. I can't say that for anybody else and I have tried them all.”
Roger DalrympleGreenville, SC2013-07-23
“I am up over 25% on a six figure account in less than 4 weeks using the www.TheTechTrader.com service. When it comes to trading, Harry Boxer's technical prowess is second to none. Harry's advice throughout the day is now a must have for me. The intra-day webinar where Harry updates his members with targets and stops on the day's heavily traded issues fits my style perfectly. If you are an active trader like me and you are not a member you are missing out on some of the best day trades out there! Thanks for everything HB, see you in the trading room”
"RRome"Trading Room2013-07-23
“HB: Just wanted to send a big thank you for the picks and ongoing education you provide every day. My trading has really improved since I began working with you.!”
"FrankP"Trading Room2014-01-11
“HI HB! Happy New Year to you and your loved ones and staff! My progress is 72% for about 7 months active trading. This includes cleaning up bad trades with major double digit losses before my TT membership. I took time to learn your style and strategies. My worst mistake was hanging on to losses and not respecting stops, next mistake was selling winners to soon, and third mistake not selling big winners and hanging to them thus tying up cash...thus missing other trades. I still am not good at day trading, but have not given it up. I plan to improve and really only challenge myself. Thanks to you I have a lot more cash to trade!! I still stay away from margin. I note others have various success rates and they inspire me...as do you. Your shared posts from other also show your respect and integrity. Really, thanks for all you do! I am sure I will meet you this year..expect a monster hug!! All the best, Sarah”
"7DiamondsSarah"Trading Room2014-01-01
“Harrry puts stocks that are moving in front of us every day. He keeps us away from the pitfalls of too thin or volatile symbols.Movement is opportunity. It is up to us to learn to take advantage of that opportunity. Thanks for all you do HB”
"Roger-Wired"Trading Room2014-01-20
“Good Morning HB and everyone, let me tell you that past week was the best performance week since I am a subscriber (August, 2013) based on the Sat webinar stocks reviewed. From the 73 stocks (Long) 78% were positive (green) by Friday. From the 17 stocks in red, 13 were down less than 5%. Congratulations Harry. ”
"Neil"Trading Room2013-11-16
“ I'm 50 years old, burned out on my job, and I'm seriously considering trading full time. I started trading with 259K .... and I'm currently up to 455K as of today. We've also added about 40K to the account, but I'm still up a very substantial amount.....Thank you for everything Harry. You have no idea how much I have enjoyed being here.”
"HBR"Trading Room2014-02-27
“To Harry and all! I've now participated in this community for 11 weeks, member for 9 weeks. I've traded in a large variety of places, but Harry's Trading Room is by far the best. We can post general notes to the BB, and message privately for those questions and answers needed to clarify a situation. Best of all, a real expert is available to answer market questions. Thanks Harry”
"Wolfman"Trading Room2013-10-01
“First off I would just like to say Harry Boxman runs the best day trading room on the web PERIOD. As a day trader I find it essential to be in a room where I have the best chance to succeed. Usually within the first 2hrs of the opening bell I have made my profit target for the day. (IN-FREAKING-SANE) This room is must have if you are one of those who NEED to make consistent profits while learning how to be a better trader. In the last 2 trading days alone I have banked $7,200.00 following his calls with real money. This with an 81% win percentage. World Class Profits by a World Class Guy! You have a member for LIFE Harry!”
Billy JohnsonSt. Augustine, FL2013-07-19
“OSIR, scalped it on all 3 pull backs today the last trade.....3K - scalped 1.67 per on the last one.........BAM......20K day......HARRY and the Techtraders ROCK...!!!!”
"William"Trading Room2013-08-13
“I have just completed my first week of the trial period. In this short time it is obvious that Harry Boxer is a professional that you can learn from. The amount of time and dedication Harry puts into this site is amazing. Though I have never personally met Harry, my impression is that he is also a fine individual. I base this on how he interfaces with the members of The Technical Trader website during the day and the interviews that Harry has given. He is always calm, cordial and informative. I feel that I have learned a lot from Harry. I had read about the various technical patterns, but when Harry points them out and explains them in detail in real time they take on a whole new meaning. This is a great site! Harry does not just present ideas for trades he explains why they were presented and follows up throughout the day.”
Arnie YearbyTexas City, TX2012-03-30
“HB: I am a newbie to your service in my second day of the trial. Wow. Thanks for SR. I thought it would be great to trade with you, but this is ridiculous! Made enough to live on for the month of August! Nice intro to trading for a living. This is dangerous Happy to be aboard.”
"frank"Trading Room2013-08-01
“Harry, today I sold half of my ONVO, and booked 100K profit. Thank you for your support. Also, since I joined you, my portfolio went up 150%. I want to say a big THANK YOU to you.”
"SP"Trading Room2013-11-15
“This is exactly why I listen to the 'Saturday morning coffee and charts webinar and take notes on every stock. Then I factor in my current trades and their potential and consider new stocks to add to my own hot watch list. As the next week proceeds I watch to manage gains and losses to my portfolio with technical buy/sell/targets and to swap/raise cash when opportunities present themselves. HB pics have FREEed me from myself and helped me make better trades and steadly increase my success.”
"7DiamondsSarah"Trading Room2013-11-16
“Working with HB's info has been wonderful. He really cuts through and gives great suggestions. I started Swing Trading, and have now progressed into doing some day trades of some Swing suggestions. A couple have some nice intra day patterns that I've been able to play. HB really gives great direction, and I respect his patience and energy. I think he babysits a lot of people when his direction is clear. I'm a novice, but have learned a lot over the course of the year”
"MrSchill12"Trading Room2013-06-26
“Thank you Harry for all your support and guide. I have been doing swing trading for the last 2 years and I never felt more comfortable doing this for living than in the last 2 weeks. 20K!!! in the trial period. Thank you for helping families to live well.”
"neil"Trading Room2013-07-22
“I am a new full time subscriber, but have followed HB for years. I have no doubt he is one of the most hands on, and reliable Pattern traders you could wish to trade with!!”
"SimpleM"Trading Room2012-11-21
“You made a small fortune today HB. Thank you very much! As well you saved me from losing when I was about to press it.”
"Big Eddie"Trading Room
“HB: thanks for a great first 3 weeks. Been mostly holding your swings in 3 separate accounts. About 5 in each. Happy to report that all 3 accounts are up an average of close to 20%. Thank You!”
"HBR"Trading Room2013-10-04
“I�m fairly new to day trading. I�ve been reading and following the methods for some months and had been looking for a proven process which makes sense to me and one that works. Clear and understandable direction with precision targets! I�m hooked and I love it! Great information and fantastic forum coupled with the regular updates throughout the day makes this winner from my perspective. Thanks for all you do!”
Keith GunterAsheville, NC2013-06-04
“HB your trade selections are out of this world. I'm actually seeing green$$$$ in my account since moving to your chat room on Friday. I had to quit the last chat room they were shorting since Sept. OUCH!!! I'm in BCSI and a lot of your trades! thanks”
David IkinTrading Room10/13/10
“Since tuning out all the noise, blogs,CNBC etc. and just reading the charts with you and the group, my overall trading success has dramatically improved. I have made 94 trades since I signed up and have a success rate of 79%. At almost 80% I am very pleased, and it would be even higher, but I made some bad entries and anticipated some moves foolishly. Overall, I think you provide a great service and I look forward to improving and learning. ”
"DJ"Trading Room2013-05-07
“I've used your service almost 3 weeks and it's been an absolute blast! It's fun to do in a day what many people expect for a year.”
J WoodTrading Room10/20/10
“Your service provides "Hands on live experience with very knowledgable individuals". I required about a week to reconcile my previous experience and talents to "The Technical Trader" methodology. I am now in a profit mode, with better than 75% positive yield. Days like today are remarkable, and would be highly unlikely for the average trader singularly. The TEAM environment sponsored by the Technical Trader makes average days superb!”
"Wolfman"Trading Room2013-09-09
“Just like to let you know that your teaching the technicals trading style has transformed my trading P/L. Making the jump in confidence is unreal!”
thebullTrading Room2/10/10
“Harry, I have to hand it to you, You do work harder for your subscribers than any other service I've seen. Nobody puts in the effort you do day after day.”
Rob CTrading Room1/20/10
“Can't tell you HB how much I really appreciate being here on your desk. It has changed the way I look at trading and and gives me courage to move forward with confidence. THANK YOU!!”
"ichinen"Trading Room10/29/10
“Harry, you've got a disciple here. I plan to be around for quite awhile. From the time I heard your Worden Webinar, I knew that your trading style was what I was looking for. I had TSON early on Thursday (thanks to you), and it was beautiful: a textbook example. I bought half my position with a limit order on a consolidation and half with a market order when it started to run: in at 7.22 and out at 7.94. Absolutely fantastic. I love your site, and really appreciate the energy you put in to it. Keep up the great work, and thanks again.”
Rick MattesonTimonium, MD2013-05-07
“"Can't even begin to tell you how much I love this site. I was out of cell reception all weekend and felt like I was going through withdrawal.....I can't thank you enough for the guidance you have provided me for the past 4 months. I never dreamed that my portfolio could increase close to 50% in such a short time." ”
"HBR"Trading Room2014-01-27
“I really enjoy the updates..quick easy access reliable form webinar tech and very good info form Harry.....very happy with several HB picks and I am a better picker and trader from what I learn on your daily and Sat updates...love it!!!”
"7diamonds"Trading Room2013-05-02
“HB I just want to thank you personally for your efforts in training me. I feel like I have a real support team that can really help me do good at this. So thanks for your hard work.”
Key Largo TraderTrading Room4/29/10
“HB, thanks again, man for the past 3 weeks. Biggest gains I've had in such a short period since dot.com era! All cash.”
TreeTrading Room4/14/10
“[14:52:42] tree: well, my trial subscription is going to become a real one! this is a great site. thanks, HB [14:55:39] Boomerfr: mine too HB, impressive is all I can say, just trying to keep up with you all...so far so good, won more than lost on that's for sure.. [14:57:02] palmtree: another gr8 day thx to hb and all contibutors!! best quarter of my life continues!! thx again”
Various MembersTrading Room3/24/10
“HB - great service - love the Webinars. Learned more here in 1 wk then months other places.”
"CarolinaCanuck"Trading Room2013-05-07
“My first week here and it's amazing you all make money no matter what the market is doing!”
Doug NTrading Room2/26/10
“Somethings in life money can buy ... workout at the gym - $30 month, burger - $5. For everything else, there's HB's chart analysis - priceless!! ”
RahylTrading Room12/22/10
“HB - great site, excellent info and guidance for a newbie like me. Your patience is incredible!!”
ctriverTrading Room1/22/10
“The Technical Trader is an awesome Money Making site for sure!!! I'm lovin' it!”
KellyTrading Room10/13/10
“Just a short note to give you a big 'Thank You' for the recommendation on SOMX. I've been checking my portfolio all morning, then walked away and just came back to see SOMX up by 70% or so in a matter of minutes on its FDA approval. Great call!”
Bill MalschEmeryville, CA3/18/10
“Compliments to you as you greet folks in chat room. Such a pleasure to be involved with your site and wonderful supportive, caring folks therein. Really appreciate your wisdom, guidance and human touch”
"ctriver"Trading Room2013-05-07
“HB room + screencast get better and better...like our own prop trading site ! Best of Class !!!”
Jack StewartBoulder, CO2/25/11
“I would like to thank you for all the hard work you do for us. This is the best site I have ever encountered in my ten plus years of trading!!!”
"ljis"Trading Room1/13/10
“Thanks HB. My first day as an official member and biggest day profits ever !!”
"meely"Trading Room10/13/10
“[16:00:49] Langer: Home run call on TASR, Harry! [16:01:54] Rvp: HB The Hank aaron of stock picking... [16:01:14] kathy970: HB thanks for a great trading day, flat markets yet I'm up nicely. [16:04:08] belair: Can't beat your model portfolio picks either, HB! [16:04:30] KD: HB, your overnights last night were great; thanks! We'll do it again tonight/tomorrow! God bless & have a great evening.”
Various MembersTrading Room1/6/09
“Second week and I have had the best trading ever in over a year under the guidance of "the master trader" HB. Thank you, Harry, very much! I now believe trading profitably can be done.”
"RFB"Trading Room12/29/10
“HB I made over $30,000 in last 2 days just in my personal account! Great, great site!!”
"sued"Trading Room1/5/10
“Compliments to you as you greet folks in chat room. At age 64 I'm so disgusted with much on the net. Such a pleasure to be involved with your site and wonderful supportive, caring folks therein. Really appreciate your wisdom, guidance and human touch!”
"ctriver"Trading Room10/28/10
“Great month of trading thanks to you that has made me 15k this month!”
C RabinTrading Room12/31/09
“Been here 3 weeks and have had a year's worth of education! Not only are your calls exceptional, but the other folks here rock!”
"n"Trading Room8/27/10
“Hey Harry, been outside the wire most all summer, been playing longs while I have been out.....first full week and back to the same....MAKING MONEY....pounding, 4-6 trades today for serious $$....THX from Afghanistan!.....”
"William"Trading Room2013-08-13
“My advice to anybody considering signing up, don't hesitate ... DO IT $$. This is NOT a paid commercial for Harry but just good financial advice from someone who has made over $100,000.00 this year primarily through Harry!”
"azaria"Trading Room12/29/09
“I must admit that this is the best site i've found. I'm glad my Google search led me to you. =) ”
TraderBobTrading Room4/30/10
“Have been a member 8 months and have made enough to buy a home an then some, SIGN UP!!!!”
"goldencross"Trading Room12/29/09
“I must tell you that, in all honesty, you are a pleasure to deal with. I subscribe to another similar site and the guy running it thinks he is g-d and is such as a-s!!!! You are a pleasure!!!”
AviGTrading Room4/29/10
“I was able to earn a 20% return on my portfolio (half in realized gains and half in unrealized) within the 15 day trial period of your service using your advice and my trading moves. Thanks for the great advice.”
Tom HarrisonAlpharetta, GA12/16/09
“The new video program allows me to see what Harry is talking about in the chart format and allows me to make an informed decision. Bravo!!”
John KleinBoca Raton, FL3/28/10
“It's been great trading alongside you! This is the only trading room that is focused on trading and not petty conversations:) I have learned a ton of information in just the last couple of weeks about stock patterns, coiling, support and resistance, breakout, flagging, etc. Information that I had no knowledge of when I was trading in other trading rooms or even heard of!”
Charlie AudiaLos Angeles12/4/09
“Harry, I don't know how many times I can THANK YOU for the GREAT job you do here. I have never encountered such winning trades and market understanding!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!”
Joseph GTrading Room3/4/10
“Make no mistake I am willing to do the work and take the risk and accept full responsibility for every move....the guidance HB brings is amazing ...and so is the contributions of this group...I have been doing this along enough time to know that in the past year I have turned a corner on trading success and stability ,emotionally maturity...but only with good tools with human guides....i cant say I am an expert by any means and so appreciate our new world of trading and guides like HB and his sharing site and members.”
"7diamonds"Trading Room2013-07-20
“My closed profit is $100,000.00+ since April 1st. So I am doing really well and better then ever since you instituted your new format. I love the ongoing comments any suggestions in the chat room and it gives more clarity to the trading page. Great Sunday overviews too!!!!”
Charlie WrightOntario, CanadaOct 9, 2009
“Please post as a testimonial for the TT site. I am so hooked on this service and chat room that on the few occasions when I pull myself away from the desk, I have someone in my car on the laptop typing messages for me and reading the comments”
PardTrading Room10/5/09
“Thx HB, Yesterday was my best day of 09, then this am doubled it..!!”
HossTrading Room10/2/09
“You have a great site and should be very proud of what you have accomplished. You are helping many.”
wolfTrading Room9/24/09
“Learning so much here.... unreal... GR8 place to be... ”
SSRTrading Room9/24/09
“Been with Harry since May 09...The only place to be if you are going to trade. I have lost more money on takover/buyout rumors, but HB has made it all back for me. No BS, HB has made me 12k in the last week in names I otherwise would not have been in. THANK YOU!”
biggtmanTrading Room9/22/09
“TheTechTrader.com....THE go-to place for killer insight and day trading community!”
langerTrading Room9/22/09
“Can't thank you enough for the encouragement to stay with IFON. 8,000.00 PROFIT! That aint hay!!!”
plcTrading Room9/3/09
“Thanks Harry. Your call on AIG was perfect. Paid for my subscription for the next 6 months”
KsTraderTrading Room8/6/09
“Harry, I need to say I've used other research services that never return calls. It makes me feel proud I'm assoc w/ a winning team like yours. You have always been very responsive and professional.”
fsmTrading Room7/31/09
“Great day for all of us to tell one trading friend about this site. The good ideas shared by all of you are helping my game. ”
milehighmoneyTrading Room8/4/09
“Awesome day, best in months thanks to 48% on COIN, thanks Harry ”
bdTrading Room8/3/09
“HB-you're the greatest!Just sold Jazz for a big profit! Was hesitant when buying the subscription; not anymore. Thanx again.”
"fsm"Trading Room7/27/09
“Harry, monster wins for me today (3 for 3) on ACAD, NVAX, and JAZZ. Best day trade (no swings) ever. Great calls! (You can quote me!) Thanks!”
"Langer"Trading Room7/27/09
“Harry, I can not thank you enough for your VERY VALUABLE advice. Finding your site was a god send to me... A few more like these and my daughter's wedding is paid for!”
"plc"Trading Room07/23/09
“Really appreciate the job you do for us out there. I was in trading about 10-years ago and did ok, but lacked real skills or discipline, and was a loose cannon alone out there in the market. I have direction and some security following you around along with the chat room folks. Started with you in a small $5000 IRA account this March, the account is now $10,200 [one month later]. ”
John LunettaChenega Bay, AK4/8/09
“HB I made 88% on GRH and I thank you !!”
"rod"Trading Room6/10/09
“Just decided to sign up for the LONG Haul. You're the best! Thanks for the help on OCLS (+$4).”
"zoom"Trading Room5/27/09
“Took out FEED for 200% - thanks HB!!”
"mrdc"Trading Room6/3/09
“Love the service! Just trying to up my skills....you're the best out there I have seen.”
"vlad"Trading Room6/3/09
“I am sincerely amazed at the stockpicking ... Harry makes me feel like a fool with the trades I have been making before finding this wonderful site.”
"njc"Trading Room6/4/09
“Just signed up today and I think your service is in top 1% of all I have tried.”
"Makaveli007"Trading Room6/13/09
“Harry my first paid day, hat trick SRS, TZA & SVNT!! Thank you much, greatly appreciated!”
"SSR"Trading Room6/22/09
“I have made 119,000 YTD under your guidance using only a fraction of an available 600-700,000 pot for trading. What a revelation.”
"Pard"Trading Room3/18/09
“Really great chat room. I've been with Harry Boxer from the very first day he started his tech trader platform many years ago and this is the BEST thing that has happend. I hope it continues to be informative and as strictly concentrated on current stocks.”
"azaria"Trading Room12/12/08
“Up 5% on the day. I love this site! I got all of my positions from HB except GE (+~1.5). Not bad for 3+ hours.”
"rbr"Trading Room5/19/09
“The multimedia chart analysis adds another dimension to your service. After viewing the video I understand much more than I could by reading only text. I can't imagine anyone not thrilled about this tool.”
Bob DMarlton, NJ3/28/07
“Just a note to tell you how much I like the chat room...best membership of all stock sites, imho. Some excellent trading ideas there to supplement Harry's Diary.”
Jack StewartBoulder, CO2/5/09
“Harry - Thanks for the late tip on FAZ. Made a quick 2.73% on it. Another 3% on TZA. Nice $$ again today!! Best free trial I've seen in a while!”
"RBR"Trading Room5/21/09
“One of the best sites I have ever seen. I picked up a quick 20k in 3 days of trading; and it's fun!!!!.... Harry's mathematics skills have me in awe!”
Dr. Chris4/24/09 and 6/04/09
“I am immensely enjoying being a member of your Technical Trader group. In these turbulent times, your sound advice, technical analysis skills and attention are very impressive.”
Dr. Wendell WongRedondo Beach, CA6/17/09
“I want you and new members to know that THIS HAS BEEN MY BEST MONTH in over a year!! I became a member only a few months ago and really had to clean up my portfolio. I tried the day trading for a month, did ok but was not available to commit to it... but I have repositioned with such better swing trades with your pics and my own and now better understand how to trade and to accept AND TO CUTLOSSES AND MOVE ON instead of tying up and losing cash. Your daily and weekly updates and insights and analysis are fantastic and really good lessons!! I am less emotional and much more methodical and technical!!! THANKS!!!”
"7diamonds"Trading Room2013-05-07
“Harry is one of the best traders on the planet and his insight has been a great education.”
Bob MarkeyAurora, Colo.
Your recommendations are like a command to me.”
Ilian KemenoffQueensland, Aus.
“There's plenty of advice on the net [but] none of it has helped me make money like Harry's stock picks have.”
Gary GillTempe, Ariz.
“Harry, you are truly a stock expert. I absolutely love trading with you.
Mark BradleyToronto, Ontario
Harry fits the definition of a great trader - a human computer! His consistent coverage of each trade and providing of entry and exit points on a real-time basis separates his services from the others.”
Sandy ResnickCoral Springs, Florida
“Harry is one of the best traders alive today.”
Tom RobertsonBel Air, Maryland
I am amazed by your uncanny ability to predict the market and by how discliplined your trading is. I feel lost without your stock picks and commentaries!”
Peter SugionoRancho Palos Verdes, Calif.
“Great service. Very profitable. Hope you live to be 100!”
Rod VatcherNewfoundland
Harry, you are the man. I have decided to commit to your service after trying about 20 different guys out there.”
Ralph WilkinsonAgoura Hills, Calif.
“Since I started my subscription, I have been averaging about $2k a day, so to say the least I am ecstatic.”
Kevin McDonaldBoulder, Colorado
“I really appreciate what you do and consider your Diary a must for trading. I feel so informed in respect to market movements, and your discipline always amazes me and has improved my trading enormously.”
Rick JaramilloSoldotna, Alaska
“Harry...I want to thank you for all your great wisdom and knowledge. I've been trading since 1999...you're the best. I have been so successful in the last 3 weeks, up over 100percent...God Bless! ”
Banet1Trading Room11/2/10
“I've been with you for 4 days now and I have made good money each day. No losses! Thanks so much! You are amazing!”
"76vette"Trading Room11/2/10
“This is a great place to be every day!”
SlimPickinsTrading Room11/24/10
“This is such a refreshing experience compared to other sites that I have tried. I guess you get what you pay for and in this case, excellence!”
"RFB"Trading Room12/20/10
“Thank you, I made more in the last 24 hours here than I've made all Spring. What a terrific site!”
PeridotTrading Room7/8/10
“I have tried a lot of sites simillar to this, and HB is BY FAR for the best!! ”
AviGTrading Room8/24/10
“Thx HB, for all you do. Have turned my trading skills around. A great site you offer, good folks, good humor. Truly admire your skill and love for what you do.”
"SME"Trading Room1/13/11
“It's the only site that constantly makes money!”
CharlieATrading Room8/17/10
“After two weeks with HB, my IRA is back to where it was before the S hit the fan 3+ years ago. I'm blown away. Thanks HB!”
RVSTrading Room4/5/11
“I was attracted to his presentation due to the focus on recognizing familiar price/volume action patterns that Boxer has used in his 40 years of trading. Some members of the audience apparently are members of his chat room as I heard several people talk about the gains that they made as members. The setups presented seemed reasonable and along with strict money management,....if I was just starting out, I could have saved a lot of trading losses by learning and applying the knowledge that Boxer was sharing. I believe the knowledge that I gained was more than worth the time and would recommend others to listen to what Boxer has to say.”
Robert WeinsteinSeeking Alpha2011-03-01
“...and the GREAT Technical Trader Harry Boxer as my teachers. In 2009 I started my first Trading Diary at Stockpickr, inspired by Harry Boxer's”
"Trading Nymph"Seeking Alpha2012-04-10
“I just have to thank you for the trading service you provide. I have found your Webcasts absolutely invaluable. I have never seen a service where I can actually trade along a professional trader in as much real-time detail that you provide. Your continuous updates on general market conditions are invaluable to me in pointing to changes in intra-day movements. Your swing trades have been fantastic, and Friday had to be my best day-trading day ever. A very small fraction of what I earned on Friday surely will pay for a lifetime subscription to your service!”
"MarkZ"Trading Room2013-05-07
“In addition to your outstanding trading info, you all run a great service. At times I think there are actually three Harry's! He's always there.”
"MrSchill12"Trading Room2013-05-08
“Not only is your service great, I believe you are one of the hardest workers I have ever come across. Thanks for everything!!”
"jimmy"Trading Room2013-05-31
“best series of trades I've ever had after one week here Harry - More importantly, I am learning a lot about the patterns you show and trade - Thanks so much!!”
"Frisco"Trading Room2013-06-10
“I have been trading more than 25 years and I must say this is by far the best community. I have been associated with. Usually there is bickering and name calling. Here everyone is trying to help achieve financial success. Your intra-day updates to alert us to opportunities and keep us on the right track is exceptional. You should be proud of the site you have created . Well Done!!”
"xlt77"Trading Room2013-07-27
“HB, its in your display pic. I just trusted you and have great respect for you just by looking at your display pic on marketwatch, thats where i come to know about your articles and this site. I think of you as a humble, honest and a caring person with not an ounce of ego .And your not someone whose success got stuck in their head and started talking down at other people/traders which is what most of the authors who write articles for marketwatch, seekingalpha and other sites including cnbc do. So thanks for looking out for us and lets make some more money. :)”
"isapzai"Trading Room2013-07-27
“HB, The level at which you care about our success is second to none...what really impressed me was a while back when you said you cared more about our money than yours...your high quality trade pics are sent out as if you were putting your own money on the line...my confidence and trading has noticeably improved since joining this trading community...you don't have to share your knowledge and your vast trading experiences, but you do, and you do it at great sacrifices to your own personal time...we all greatly appreciate what you do for us...also, special thanks to the ongoing contributions from Roy, kairos, slappy, BK and everyone else here...this is a serious trading room, but we all also have a keen sense of humor to help keep everything in balance...and we watch each others' backs...this is important...trading is simple but it isn't easy, and it becomes much harder trying to do it by yourself...this is hands down the best trading room I've ever been a part of...thanks to everyone here!”
"Greg54"Trading Room2013-07-27
“Harry, I want to say thank you!!! You help keep us in line! ! You are the best I have ever seen at what you do!!! Sorry, I will not get soft again!!! Its not in my nature, but thank you for all you do!!!”
"silentone"Trading Room2013-07-27
“"HB is special and HB and "the gang" together are AMAZING! Great Minds and good Karma .... recipe for much success. This is great place. Thanks to all who contribute." Thank you HB for your passion and dedication to our group.”
"Jude1279"Trading Room2013-07-27
“HB, wanted to say thank you for all of your insight and guidance. I have traded for a few years from the technical side and really appreciate the trading lessons on a daily basis. You are the only trading "guru" that actually makes people money on a consistent basis.”
"Greenhorn"Trading Room2013-07-23
“Reading Technical Analysis and having you interpret the charts we are trading, is seeing the book come to life. Following your thought process has been a real education. Folks who are missing these updates are missing the boat big time. Thanks for sharing your knowledge so generously”
"Roger-Wired"Trading Room2013-08-05
“Omg harry, I am a night shift worker. I worked until 0700 this am. The last thing I remember was buying SSH as you said, and put a stop under it. I tried to stay with you all day but passed out! Just woke up end made over 17%. Thank you!”
"har(holly)"Trading Room2013-08-05
“HB the time you put into this site is incredible I thank you! I continue to learn more every week. November starts my 7th month, best decision I have made! My trading results have so improved with thetechtrader.com, best on the web period ! Again thank you and all the traders !”
"Toby"Trading Room2013-11-02
“Been with Harry for 20 months. Invaluable. I.... am never opposed to catching those lightening runners that go up 200% in a day and I will be in and out. ”
"Healthguy"Trading Room2013-09-19
“I've been with this service for a month and a half and am a believer. I work full time on a hectic job. I only swing trade. I started a trading account with $155K and am now sitting on $212K.”
"Economou"Trading Room2013-09-19
““I just smile and keep cashing checks”. I have been here only a very short while and I have increased my portfolio 2 fold, so I will keep listening and read whatever books this site and HB says to do, it freaking works hands down.”
"opey8310"Trading Room2013-11-24
“Harry, I just want to say a big Thank You to You. I've been following you for the past 2 1/2 months on swings. No day trading yet. Having a great time, learning a lot, enjoying the site and making money. My accounts have gone from 259K to 326K in the 2 1/2 months. Great returns in my book. Tempted to do this full time at some point. Thanks again!”
"HBR"Trading Room2013-11-26
“I have been steadily become more focused using your recommendations over the past 3 months, and I am more profitable in my trades now than any other point in my trading career. I always review my trades, and I always make charts of the stops and resistance levels you give us. I have also learned to let the winners run, and I have been able to stay green! Day trading is not easy, and to be profitable in the long run, we have to develop a set of rules that do not change, (whether its bull or bear market). Thank you for your this room, the constant daily education, and the great atmosphere you have created here for traders new and old!”
"alang"Trading Room2013-12-07
“Thanks for everything you do, HB. I have tried a few sites/chatrooms and I can say that yours is the "real deal" I am quickly learning to trade through your site and feel lucky to have found you!”
"katya"Trading Room2013-12-07
“Back this week and appreciating the strength of this room and all of you. HB: Health Guy was right-You've been like a master conductor all week even more so than usual it seems. Been making money every day this week Swinging and Scalping. Great to be back. Long PLUG, SUNE (in BIG), PRAN, GTAT, FNMA with several scalps along the way (GALT, TASR, ANIK, KNDI and more). Just a word of thanks and appreciation to all of you. I am a far better (and wealthier) trader after 6 mos because of you.”
"FrankNYC"Trading Room2014-02-26
“HB, I wanted to let you know that I am very glad that I found your service. I have been trying to learn how to day trade for the last 3-4 years while working full time. I worked from home and the job afforded some time to learn and trade. I was in a couple other live sites but nothing that comes close to the quality and professionalism that you exhibit each and every day. I took a big step and retired at the end of 2013 and am trading full time and that is only possible with your help I am making some real money on less trades. I really appreciate all that you do to help the room and you should know your efforts are having major positive impact on the financial concerns of traders in the room.”
"AndyAnderson"Trading Room2014-03-05

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