CATS, CODX, INSG, PVAC, VERI, WORX -- Stock Charts to Watch

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CATS, CODX, INSG, PVAC, VERI, WORX -- Stock Charts to Watch

Charts of the Day video for Monday April 13th, 2020

Catasys, Inc. (CATS), a good swing of ours, recently came out of a wedge, popped, flag, ran up, pulled back, retested, and on Monday, it popped 3.69, or 18%, to a session and multi-week high of 24.12, pulled back, and closed up 23.80, on 793,845 shares traded. Target going forward is 27 plus.

Co-Diagnostics, Inc. (CODX) may have popped. You can see on the chart, the little flag and pop-out on Monday of 1.13, or 13%, to 9.93, with a high of 10.25, on 5.4 million shares traded, closing at the upper-end of the range. Going forward we are going to be watching the 10.25 level. The high a week ago was 11.20. If it gets through that, we might see this stock at 15.

Inseego Corp. (INSG) is flying. This stock has gone from 3 3/4 to 10 1/2 since mid-March. On Monday, it popped another 93 cents, or 10%, to 10.38, not far off the session high at 10.47, on 7.6 million shares traded. It’s looking really good but overbought. Next targets are 11 and 12.90.

Penn Virginia Corporation (PVAC), in the oil sector, formed a V-bottom, with platform, and now a V-consolidation-type coil. On Monday, it popped and gained another 82 cents, or 26%, to 3.96, reached a session high of 4.15, on 2.2 million shares traded. That’s good volume for this stock. If it gets above 4.40, I will look for a move to 7 1/2.

Veritone, Inc. (VERI) with a V-bottom and right-hand extension, moved back up to test the March high near 3.60 on Monday, gaining 23 cents, or 8%, to 3.19, with a high of 3.38, on 948,376 shares traded. If it gets through 3.60, which is significant, we might see a run at the 4.50-.65 range.

SCWorx Corp. (WORX) had a huge day on Monday, jumping 9.73, or 425%, to a session and multi-week high of 14.88, before pulling back and closing at 12.02, on 94 million shares traded. That kind of breakaway gap and thrust with volume usually leads to more upside. I will be looking for at least a test of 17 3/4.

Stocks on the long side included Amarin Corporation (AMRN), Apache Corporation (APA), Adhera Therapeutics, Inc. (ATRX), Biomerica, Inc. (BMRA), Catasys, Inc. (CATS), Co-Diagnostics, Inc. (CODX), Equillium, Inc. (EQ), Independence Contract Drilling, Inc. (ICD), Inseego Corp. (INSG), Kala Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (KALA), Livongo Health, Inc. (LVGO), Nautilus, Inc. (NLS), Neoleukin Therapeutics, Inc. (NLTX), Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (PSTI), Penn Virginia Corporation (PVAC), Teladoc Health, Inc. (TDOC), Veritone, Inc. (VERI), SCWorx Corp. (WORX), and ZOOM Technologies, Inc. (ZOOM).