BTI, EOLS, KLAC, PM, WNS -- Stock Charts to Watch

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BTI, EOLS, KLAC, PM, WNS -- Stock Charts to Watch

Charts of the Day video for Thursday July 18th, 2019

Charts are by Andre tonight while Harry is at a Traders Expo in Chicago this weekend.

British American Tobacco (BTI) had a good day on Thursday, jumping 2.51, or 6.89%, to 38.96, on 3 million shares traded, which was stronger than average. It opened in the negative column, gapped up, moved into a falling wedge, broke out, stair-stepped higher, backed off to support on profit taking, and from midmorning until near the end of the day, it moved up slowly and gradually, to the high for the session. With an hour to go, it gradually moved down, closing strong and near the high for the day. Targets going forward are 40 and 42.

Evolus, Inc. (EOLS) had a big day on Thiursday, snapping back 2.05, or 11 1/2%, to 19.87, with a high of 20.24, on 1.4 million shares. This stock popped to 17.81 at the opening, immediately pulled back, formed a double bottom, stair-stepped higher, forming wedges and coils, consolidated, formed a breakout flag at 20.08 during the noon hour, pulled back, rolled over, plummeted to 19.30, rallied, stair-stepped higher, formed an inverse head-and-shoulders at the high for the session, rolled over, and popped into the close. Targets are 22 1/2 and 25.

KLA Corporation (KLAC) advanced 7.92, or 6.3%, to 133.41, on 2.5 million shares. It opened flat, broke out on volume, flagged, ran up, consolidated, came down on profit taking, moved up, came down, and then wedged, wedged, wedged, and pulled back. It moved back up to session highs, and then made a slight, gradual move down to close near the highs for the day. Targets are 135, 137 1/2, and 140.

Philip Morris International Inc. (PM) was extremely volatile on Thursday, gaining 6.66, or 8.22%, to 87.71, on 12 million shares. It opened with a breakaway gap on very strong volume, moved up in sharp movements, stair-stepping, wedging, consolidating, and then came down to 86.05 midmorning. It then took off upward in coils and wedges in a narrowing, rising channel to session highs at 89.45, and then descended with the same sharp volatility as the early morning move up, closing on a sharp bounce. Targets are 90, 92 1/2, and 95.

WNS (Holdings) Limited (WNS) was also extremely volatile and opened on lite volume on Thursday, popping 3.76, or 6.42%, to 62.30, on 393,537 shares traded. It gapped up, came down, reached early morning and session lows at 57.56, ran up in sharp wedges and coils, consolidated, pulled down to 61.11, rallied back up, moved 5 waves across, rallied, formed flags, ran to the highs for the day at 63.52, came down in sharp wedges, and closed not far off the high. Targets are 65, 67 1/2, and 70.