BBBY, CCXI, CLVS, INMD, KERN, TDOC -- Stock Charts to Watch

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BBBY, CCXI, CLVS, INMD, KERN, TDOC -- Stock Charts to Watch

Charts of the Day video for Tuesday November 26th, 2019

Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (BBBY) had a nice corrective pullback, exploding the last two days. On Tuesday, it was up another 91 cents, or 6.7%, to 14.48, with a high of 14.52, closing just pennies off the high, on 8.65 million shares. Watch resistance at 15. If it gets through that 16 and 18 are targets.

ChemoCentryx, Inc. (CCXI) made an explosive move late on Monday, it pulled back, and when it pulled back, I gave you a buy on it in the 27 range. On Tuesday, it exploded again at 22.67, or a whopping 281.27%, with a 52-week high of 36.88, on 29 million shares. I’m looking for a move up to the 34-38 range, and then we’ll see what happens next.

Clovis Oncology, Inc. (CLVS) has incredible momentum, but I’m getting a little skeptical now because it’s gone from 3.00 to 11.60 in the last four weeks. I think it’s vulnerable. Is there momentum here? Yes, and resistance is in here, indeed. The next target is 15 if it gets going and keeps going. Going forward, the targets are 13 and 15 on an update, and I have a STOP at about 9.00.

InMode Ltd. (INMD) jumped 3.83, or 8.04%, to 51.49, with a high of 51.87, on 1.4 million shares. It is recovering just like CRSP did after a brief rasped and pull back, it tested support and bounced back big time. Resistance is right there, but it looks to me, or seems to me, like the high may be retested at 55. My targets are going to be in the 65-70 zone if it if it reaches 55 in the retest.

Akerna (KERN) popped late on Tuesday with big volume, closing up 1.63, or 26.59%, to 7.76, with a high of 9.48, on 2.5 million shares. You can see on the chart, the pop and pullback to support. I’m looking for a test immediately of about 10. If it gets through that, there is a potential of an upside move to the 12 range.

Teladoc, Inc. (TDOC) had an inside day on Tuesday, a positive day, but it was up only 94 cents, or 1.12%, to 84.90, with a high of 85, the 52-week high being 85.06, on 1.2 million shares. The way it held on Tuesday tells me it’s going higher. I’m targeting 89 and then 95.

Stocks on the long side included Ardelyx, Inc. (ARDX), Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ARWR), Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AUPH), Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (BBBY), ChemoCentryx, Inc. (CCXI), Chico's FAS, Inc. (CHS), Clovis Oncology, Inc. (CLVS), CRISPR Therapeutics AG (CRSP), Dycom Industries, Inc. (DY), GTT Communications, Inc. (GTT), InMode Ltd. (INMD), Akerna (KERN), Repro Med Systems, Inc. (KRMD), Luna Innovations Incorporated (LUNA), Contango Oil & Gas Company (MCF), Nutanix, Inc. (NTNX), Predictive Technology Group, Inc. (PRED), Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. (RKDA), Roku, Inc. (ROKU), Stage Stores, Inc. (SSI), Teladoc, Inc. (TDOC), Weight Watchers International I (WW), Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc. (XENE), and Zscaler, Inc. (ZS).