AMRN, CALX, EHTH, ICAD, LRN, OSIR, VCRA -- Stock Charts to Watch

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AMRN, CALX, EHTH, ICAD, LRN, OSIR, VCRA -- Stock Charts to Watch

Charts of the Day video for Wednesday January 23rd, 2019

The market had a nice little bounce at the end to finish positive on the session. After hours semi-conductors did very well. We’re going to feature some stocks that did well on Wednesday.

Amarin Corporation plc (AMRN) has been a favorite of mine since it popped in September and ran up nicely before pulling back. It had another swing put on it, it broke out right there, and then formed a pullback consolidation. The set-up is more upside. On Wednesday, it was up 19 cents, or 1.08%, to 17.71, on 11.5 million shares. Still, this stock finished positively. If it is able to take out the 19-19 3/4 range, we’re looking at 23 and 27 as the next targets.

Calix, Inc. (CALX) popped 36 cents, or 3 1/2%, to 10.55, on 420,124 shares traded on Wednesday, and you can see that it’s about to break out across the triple-top area in the 10.70-.75 zone. If it can get through that, we’re looking at 11 1/2, 12, and much more, potentially 13 3/4-14 as targets.

eHealth, Inc. (EHTH), one of our top picks for the year. On Wednesday, it was up 5.86, or 13%, to 51.32, on 1.7 million shares and continues to do well. This stock has really surged the last couple weeks, going from 36 to 52. That puts it at the top of the short-term channel and the top of the intermediate to longer-term channel going back a couple years. It may be overbought and extended here and may need to pull back. However, if it does accelerate here, you may see it start to ramp. It’s a very nice chart, just short-term extended.

iCAD, Inc. (ICAD) continues to do great, up seven days in a row, and on Wednesday it was up another 41 cents, or 8.47%, to 5.25, on 221,888 shares traded. After breaking out of the fallen wedge, it looks to me like it could have gone higher towards 6-6 1/4 before any further pullback. The only thing to really get this rolling is a move above 6 1/2. If that’s taken out, it’s breaking out of a multi-year base that could extend it to 9 1/2.

K12 Inc. (LRN) had a massive-engulfing reversal bar on Wednesday and jumped 3.78, or 15%, to 29.64, on 2.7 million shares. You don’t see those very often. With the close at the upper end of the range near the top, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this in a couple days be 33.

Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. (OSIR), one of our Top 30 picks for the year, bounced 45 cents, or 3.21%, to 14.45, on 64,770 shares traded on Wednesday. It’s at the apex of a large wedge and looks like it wants to blow. If there’s any move through the 14.90-15 range, my target is 18 1/2.

Vocera Communications, Inc. (VCRA), a Top 30 pick for the year, is doing very well. Wednesday’s pop of 1.45, or 3.78%, to 39.84, on 447,641 shares traded broke it back out again, headed toward 42 1/2, followed by 46.

Stocks on the long side included Amarin Corporation plc (AMRN), Boxlight Corporation (BOXL), Calix, Inc. (CALX), eHealth, Inc. (EHTH), Exact Sciences Corporation (EXAS), Fluent, Inc. (FLNT), Harrow Health, Inc. (HROW), iCAD, Inc. (ICAD), LifeVantage Corporation (LFVN), El Pollo Loco Holdings, Inc. (LOCO), K12 Inc. (LRN), Microbot Medical Inc. (MBOT), New Age Beverages Corporation (NBEV), Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. (OSIR), SPI Energy Co., Ltd. (SPI), Titan Medical Inc. (TMDI), Vocera Communications, Inc. (VCRA), and Vipshop Holdings Limited (VIPS).