AKBA, CODX, TNDM, WKHS -- Stock Charts to Watch

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AKBA, CODX, TNDM, WKHS -- Stock Charts to Watch

Charts of the Day video for Tuesday June 30th, 2020

Akebia Therapeutics, Inc. (AKBA) actually broke out on Tuesday from a 2-month consolidation, popping 88 cents, or 7%, closing at the session high of the day at 13.58, on 2.3 million shares traded. This was not significant in terms of volume, but it is significant in terms of price. The highest level reached on AKBA was back in 2018. There might be an extension coming up, and I’m looking for a move to about 15-16, and then 18, or better, may be had next.

Co-Diagnostics, Inc. (CODX) popped late in the day on Tuesday, up 1.91, or 11%, to 19.35, with a midday session high of 19.85, on 5.2 million shares traded. That’s not quite significant volume yet. It will be, in my opinion, if it gets across resistance. It perfectly designates resistance for the last seven weeks. 19 1/2 and it may get there as early as Wednesday. You can see a spike that takes it into the mid to high 20’s.

Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. (TNDM) jumped 11.11, or 13%, to 98.92, with a multi-week and session high of 99.32, on 3.2 million shares traded. It had four tops that were broken on Tuesday with a thrust, closing at the upper end of the range. This one looks to me like a mid-range target at 110 and upper range at 130.

Workhorse Group Inc. (WKHS) just keeps on going and going and going. What a monster. Up nine days in a row, and 12 out of 13 days. On Tuesday, it ran another 2.88, or 20%, to 17.39, with a multi-week and session high of 20.00, on a monstrous 165 million shares traded. It looks like a blow-off to me, so don’t be surprised if it’s down on Wednesday, and if it pulls back at some point, it might be to the 11-12 zone. If it does get any kind of follow-through and takes out 20, it might spike into the low to mid 20’s and blow off there.

On the long side, stocks included Akebia Therapeutics, Inc. (AKBA), Bloom Energy Corporation (BE), Blink Charging Co. (BLNK), Catasys, Inc. (CATS), Celldex Therapeutics, Inc. (CLDX), Co-Diagnostics, Inc. (CODX), Crocs, Inc. (CROX), Forterra, Inc. (FRTA), GenMark Diagnostics, Inc. (GNMK), Himax Technologies, Inc. (HIMX), Kingsoft Cloud Holdings Limited (KC), Landcadia Holdings II, Inc. (LCA), Everspin Technologies, Inc. (MRAM), NIO Inc. (NIO), NantKwest, Inc. (NK), Invitae Corporation (NVTA), OPKO Health, Inc. (OPK), Pan American Silver Corp. (PAAS), Polar Power, Inc. (POLA), Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. (TNDM), Tesla, Inc. (TSLA), Meridian Bioscience, Inc. (VIVO), Vaxart, Inc. (VXRT), Workhorse Group Inc. (WKHS), Wrap Technologies, Inc. (WRTC), and Zynex, Inc. (ZYXI).