Charts of the Day Video by Harry Boxer Harry's Charts of the Day video presentation. en-us 2019-10-15 16:45:22 2019-10-15 16:45:22 (Harry Boxer) 110 137 Charts of the Day Video by Harry Boxer ABEO, APHA, HEAR, WGO, XPO, ZYXI Abeona Therapeutics Inc. (ABEO), which is a swing trade, popped and pulled back. It followed through, but couldn’t get the volume I needed, and then it pulled back. This pattern is considered a falling wedge, and on Tuesday, it popped out and gained 54 cents, or 24.88%, to 2.71, with a high of 2.84, on 2 million shares. If it continues to move forward, initial targets are 3 1/2 and 4 3/4.

Aphria Inc. (APHA) may have led the marijuana stocks back up again. You can see the long declining channel this stock has, going from Sept 2018, trading at 17, down to 4, and change. On Tuesday, it had a big breakaway gap that took it up 1.07, or 24.54%, to 5.43, with a high of 5.54, on 18 million shares. Resistance is at the prior high at 5.53. I suspect APHA will run up on Wednesday to at least 5.80, and then maybe to 6.00-6.10.

Turtle Beach Corporation (HEAR), which I put a swing on when it popped and pulled back, has now popped out again on Tuesday, gaining 73 cents, or 6.4%, to 12.11, with a high of 12.25, on 613,756 shares traded. I think it’s ready to go, but I need more volume. There is resistance at 12 3/4. If it can get through that, I’m looking for 14 1/2, and then 16.

Winnebago Industries, Inc. (WGO) popped out of a wedge on Tuesday at resistance, and jumped 2.04, or 5.3%, to 40.49, with a high of 41.07, on 631,071 shares traded. If this inverse head-and-shoulders breaks out, this could be a 47-dollar stock. Secondary target is at 56.

XPO Logistics, Inc. (XPO) is extending its move after breaking out two days ago. It has been up five days in a row and is at resistance. On Tuesday, it was up 1.17, or 1.57%, to 75.85, with a high of 76.96, on 904,970 shares traded. The next target is 85 and 93.

Zynex, Inc. (ZYXI) popped out of a wedge and followed through on Tuesday from Monday’s move, and backed off, but still popped 32 cents, or 2.78%, to 11.83, with a high of 12.56, on 605,283 shares traded. I would like to see it come on again and hold support at around 11 1/4. Then, if it gets through that, my target is 13 1/2, 15, and eventually 17, or more.

Stocks on the long side included Abeona Therapeutics Inc. (ABEO), Aphria Inc. (APHA), Constellation Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CNST), Express, Inc. (EXPR), FormFactor, Inc. (FORM), Francesca's Holdings Corporation (FRAN), Glu Mobile Inc. (GLUU), Turtle Beach Corporation (HEAR), Horizon Pharma Public Limited Company (HZNP), Intelsat S.A. (I), NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA), Seattle Genetics, Inc. (SGEN), Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. (RLMD), Seattle Genetics, Inc. (SGEN), Square, Inc. (SQ), 21Vianet Group, Inc. (VNET), Winnebago Industries, Inc. (WGO), XPO Logistics, Inc. (XPO), and Zynex, Inc. (ZYXI).

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AMD, BIMI, INMD, RKDA, STNG Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD), which I’m watching carefully because the falling wedge that we’ve seen over the last two months popped to the upside and was broken, it gained another 78 cents, or 2.62%, to 30.53, with a high of 30.61, on 44 million shares on Monday. Now, I’m looking at 32 and 35 1/2. If it can get through those levels, it’s on its way to 40, and then 43-4. Support and stop are under 28.

NF Energy Saving Corporation (BIMI) is one of those stocks we talked about on Monday, exploding 7.54, or 516.44%, to 9.00, with a high of 9.79, on 26.5 million shares, with an average volume of 30,000 shares traded. It shot up in the morning from under 2.00 and eventually reached 11.82 in after hours, a 12-fold increase from top to bottom. That doesn’t mean it’s over yet. It could see 14, 15, even 20 going forward. If it gets through 9.00, it has a lot of room to run.

InMode Ltd. (INMD) broke out on Monday, and in my opinion, after pulling back from the trendline and holding support, it blew out leaving a little bit of a gap, to the moving average. Volume picked up to 1.24 million shares, and it jumped 2.81, or 22.54%, to 27.17, with a high of 27.30. I think it was a breakout day for this stock. Next resistance and target are at 28.35. The all-time high was reached at 29.38, on September 16, just about a month ago. That high could be taken out and I would not be surprised to see this stock move to 40 dollars at some point.

Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. (RKDA) popped out of a long falling channel on Monday, and gained 1.08, or 24.8%, to 5.43, with a high of 5.68, on 1.6 million shares. I think this is the beginning of something much greater. Targets going forward are 7.00 and 10.00.

Scorpio Tankers Inc. (STNG) is another one of those shipper stocks that is doing great. It has been up the last two-and-a-half weeks, having gone from 26, and change, to 36, and change. It popped 1.28, or 3.68%, to 36.02, with a high of 36.85, on 1.2 million shares on Monday. It looks like a 40-dollar stock.

Stocks on the long side included Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD), NF Energy Saving Corporation (BIMI), Beyond Meat, Inc. (BYND), Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. (HOV), InMode Ltd. (INMD), Navios Maritime Acquisition Corporation (NNA), Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. (RKDA), Revance Therapeutics, Inc. (RVNC), Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. (SES), Solid Biosciences Inc. (SLDB), Scorpio Tankers Inc. (STNG), and Yuma Energy, Inc. (YUMA).

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2019-10-12 11:40:38 2019-10-12 11:40:38 BBBY, GLNG, NVCR, RYAM, SPWH Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (BBBY), a new swing for us, made an announcement on Thursday that they have a new CEO in house. That stock exploded on the news, jumping nearly 52 million shares, up 2.15, or 21.58%, to 12.09, on a breakaway gap. It had been in a downtrend since May, then ran up, platformed, and broke out. I think we’re going to see 14, 16, and 18 going forward.

Golar LNG Limited (GLNG) broke out of a new head-and-shoulder’s type bottom on Thursday, through the 50 day, on 1.15, or 8.74, to 14.31, on 2.2 million shares. That’s the biggest volume in a month. I think that this stock will accelerate, and, perhaps, retest the 15-16 zone. If it gets through there, we’re looking at 18 1/2 as the next target.

NovoCure Limited (NVCR) jumped 2.97, or 4.1%, to 75.49, on 1.1 million shares on Thursday. It has multiple waves up and a beautiful, long-term trend. After getting up to 99, and change, it came down, but in the last sixty days it has held the 72 range three times. I would stop under that, but if you see it get up to 77 1/4, then, I think, it might make a quick run to 83, 92 and 99

Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. (RYAM) has a long-term decline, which has gone from 23 down to 2, and change, then formed a V bottom with a pop above the moving averages. It pulled back to test the moving averages, crossed over, and then, on Thursday, it popped 35 cents, or 8.47%, to 4.48, on 793,601 shares traded. There’s a double-top resistance around 5.00, If it gets through that, we’re looking at 6.00, and at least 7.00 for this one going forward.

Sportsman's Warehouse Holdings, Inc. (SPWH) formed a double bottom in June and Sept, broke out, retested the moving average, popped to resistance, pulled back slightly, consolidated, and then exploded for a couple days. On Thursday, it gained 56 cents, or 9.67%, to 6.30, on 2.5 million shares, or 6 time the usual volume. With the February high up around 7.00, I think it’s going to test that short-term and it might run into the 7 1/2-8 zone going forward..

Stocks on the long side included Asure Software, Inc. (ASUR), Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (BBBY), Francesca's Holdings Corporation (FRAN), Golar LNG Limited (GLNG), NovoCure Limited (NVCR), Rite Aid Corporation (RAD), Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. (RYAM), Soliton, Inc. (SOLY), Sportsman's Warehouse Holdings, Inc. (SPWH), T2 Biosystems, Inc. (TTOO), and TherapeuticsMD, Inc. (TXMD).

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CYH, NWL, HEAR, AAXN, BYND Stocks on the Long Side….

Community Health Systems, Inc. (CYH) exploded, flagged, I put a swing on it, it broke out, backed off, and on Wednesday it came on again, gaining just 15 cents, or 3.89%, to 4.01, on 1.15 shares traded. I think it looks pretty damn good! Targets are 5.05, 5.15, and 5.40.

Newell Brands Inc. (NWL) had a nice base breakout, pulled back and popped to 9 1/2, and then pulled back to support. At this point, it’s moving up rather nicely next to the trendline. On Wednesday, it popped 31 cents, or 1.68%, to 18.79, on 3.4 million shares. The next target is 21-21 1/2. Support is at 17 1/2.

Scorpio Tankers Inc. (STNG) is a very strong stock in the shipping group, as shipping has been moving as of late. This one has unusual momentum. It formed a long base, broke out in Feb, I put a swing on it, it consolidated, popped to the target, pulled back to support, ascended in a 5-wave move up, and on Wednesday, it popped 77 cents, or 2.28%, to 34.61, on 1.6 million shares. It’s still not done yet. My targets are 39 and 40.

Stocks on the Short Side….

Axon Enterprise, Inc. (AAXN) broke down in July, snapped back, shorted in that area, and dropped about 10-12 points. Wednesday, it was down 42 cents, or (-0.80%), to 52.34, on 532,792 shares traded. I think it’s going to go lower. The next target is 48.

Beyond Meat, Inc. (BYND) has been down seven of the last nine days, and on Wednesday, it was down another 3.38, or (2.37%), to 139.35, on 1.5 million shares. It’s approaching support again. Any move below 133 and this stock could tank. If it rolls over hard, 120 and 105 are targets.


Stocks on the long side included Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. (AAOI), Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOSL), Avaya Holdings Corp. (AVYA), Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. (BW), Ceragon Networks Ltd. (CRNT), Community Health Systems, Inc. (CYH), Dynavax Technologies Corporation (DVAX), Turtle Beach Corporation (HEAR), InMode Ltd. (INMD), Maxar Technologies Inc. (MAXR), Cloudflare, Inc. (NET), Invitae Corporation (NVTA), Newell Brands Inc. (NWL), Rite Aid Corporation (RAD), Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REGI), Seattle Genetics, Inc. (SGEN), Soliton, Inc. (SOLY), Scorpio Tankers Inc. (STNG), and Zynex, Inc. (ZYXI).

On the short side, stocks included Axon Enterprise, Inc. (AAXN), Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation (BAH), Beyond Meat, Inc. (BYND), Gildan Activewear Inc. (GIL), GrubHub Inc. (GRUB), MongoDB, Inc. (MDB), MercadoLibre, Inc. (MELI), Omnicell, Inc. (OMCL), Anaplan, Inc. (PLAN), TripAdvisor, Inc. (TRIP), Tractor Supply Corp (TSCO), The Trade Desk, Inc. (TTD), and Twilio Inc. (TWLO).

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ASUR, CROX, HOV, MDB, TTD Asure Software, Inc. (ASUR), which exploded on Tuesday, running 1.56, or 23%, to 8.34, on a breakaway gap on 12 million shares on a day like this. Significant news that they are selling one of the major division for $120 million is showing up their financials.

Crocs, Inc. (CROX) is doing great in a lousy market, closing at the January high and multi-year high, up 1.35, or 4.66%, to 30.33, on 1.6 million shares on Tuesday. There’s resistance up at this level, plus it’s at the top of the channel so it could back off. Any blow through, though, to 32.00, could get it to the mid-to-high 30’s.

Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. (HOV), one of the nation’s largest homebuilder, is behind this stock’s success. It has gone from 5 1/4 to 22 1/2 just in the last 60 days, an amazing move, and still has more momentum. On Tuesday, it was up 2.66, or 13.36%, to 22.57, on 451,937 shares traded. If you look at the pattern, and the way it exploded, it has some resistance right where it is. It might very well see mid-to-high 30’s short term.

MongoDB, Inc. (MDB), coming out of a wedge, dropped 9.22, or (-6.74%), to 127.50, on 1.8 million shares on Tuesday. It backed off right at the 50-day moving average and looks to me like it’s going to come down to 1.08. That my next target going forward.

The Trade Desk, Inc. (TTD) had a shallow snapback on low volume on lousing technicals on Tuesday, and dropped another 3.60, or (-1.86%), to 190.44, on 1.25 million shares. I don’t think this one is done. I’m looking to see if it will fill the gap at 167.00.

Stocks on the long side included Asure Software, Inc. (ASUR), Crocs, Inc. (CROX), dssi, Francesca's Holdings Corporation (FRAN), Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. (HOV), Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (LXRX), Nordic American Tankers Limited (NAT), Cloudflare, Inc. (NET), and Owens & Minor, Inc. (OMI).

On the short side, stocks included Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation (BAH), Beyond Meat, Inc. (BYND), Gildan Activewear Inc. (GIL), MongoDB, Inc. (MDB), MercadoLibre, Inc. (MELI), Paycom Software, Inc. (PAYC), Anaplan, Inc. (PLAN), Roku, Inc. (ROKU), Tractor Supply Corp (TSCO), The Trade Desk, Inc. (TTD), and Twilio Inc. (TWLO).

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AVYA, CYH, MAXR, NTNX, RAD Avaya Holdings Corp. (AVYA), a swing trade of ours, which we put out on Friday, on the first pullback has already popped about 1.50 since then. It’s tempting resistance right now, popping on Monday 86 cents, or 6.5%, to 14.09, on 15 million shares, with a high at 14.37. The first target is 14 1/2. If it can get through here, we could see 16 3/4, and we might see 18 1/2. Those are the targets going forward.

Community Health Systems, Inc. (CYH) popped out of a flag on Monday, reaching as high as 4.12, before backing off and closing up just 5 cents, or 1.31, to 3.88, on 3.9 million shares. That was good volume. I think the target is in the 5.15 to 5.45 zone, which will probably be next.

Maxar Technologies Inc. (MAXR) broke a 3-week downtrend, running 58 cents, or 7.67%, to 8.14, on 2.3 million shares. The volume picked up and it closed at the upper end of the range. The high was 8.20. I’m looking for a test of 8 3/4, and then a run to 10.

Nutanix, Inc. (NTNX) may be coming out of a flag after being up three days in a row. It gained 35 cents, or 1.38%, to 25.63, on 2.1 million shares. We’ll have to see if it gets any kind of a follow-through. I really need it to extend, initially, past 26 3/4. Targets then will be 29 and 34.

Rite Aid Corporation (RAD), on Monday, popped 51 cents, or 6.72%, to 8.10, on 3.2 million shares traded. It looks like it has been developing a nice inverse head-and-shoulders, with a double left shoulder and a double right shoulder. The neckline has to be taken out. The target is 10, and then 11 3/4.

Stocks on the long side included Avaya Holdings Corp. (AVYA), Community Health Systems, Inc. (CYH), Freddie Mac (FMCC), Francesca's Holdings Corporation (FRAN), Frontline Ltd. (FRO), Cesca Therapeutics Inc. (KOOL), Livongo Health, Inc. (LVGO), Maxar Technologies Inc. (MAXR), MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation (MX), Nutanix, Inc. (NTNX), Natera, Inc. (NTRA), Pfenex Inc. (PFNX), Rite Aid Corporation (RAD), and Signet Jewelers Limited (SIG).

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Harry's Weekend Video – Oct 5, 2019 2019-10-05 18:15:43 ABBV, ARWR, CYH, HEAR, WW, ZYXI AbbVie Inc. (ABBV), which I mentioned a month ago, reversed, had a moving average crossed over, ran up to resistance, and filled the gap.  But in the last couple days, it came down hard, tested the trendline and price support, and held. On Thursday, it snapped back 1.72, or 2.38%, to 73.85, on 6.1 million shares. The volume wasn’t huge, but I think we’ve seen the low on this stock. Also, the channel trendline in place for a year and a half was broken and retested. That’s a big deal, because the retest and follow-through to the upside on Thursday could result in a move to 76, 80, 83, and 85 long-term..

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ARWR) snapped back from its falling wedge on Wednesday, and on Thursday it gained 1.00, or 3.46%, to 29.92, on 798,178 shares traded.  It needs to get to 31 1/2-3/4, and then it’s on its way to retest a high up around 37 and 43 going forward.

Community Health Systems, Inc. (CYH), which I put a swing on Thursday, reversed its long-term decline with a breakaway gap at the 50 at the end of Aug.  It had an inside day the following day, then ran all the way up to resistance, formed a two-week flag, and broke out on Thursday, popping 20 cents, or 5.52%, to 3.82, on 2.1 million shares. Watch the level above 3.95 carefully. Targets are 4.95-5.20, and maybe as high as 5.95-6.25 down the road.

Turtle Beach Corporation (HEAR) reversed off the 21-day moving average and has continued to build a nice base. On Thursday, it popped 39 cents, or 3.71%, to 10.89, on 353,563 shares traded. Eventually, I’m looking for something in the 12-12 1/2 range, and then 14 and 17.

Weight Watchers International I (WW) came down hard at the trendline and on Thursday, bounced on an inside day, and  advanced 1.88, or 5.58%, to 35.47, on 1.85 million shares. We’ll have to see if it gets a follow-though. Targets are 38 and 43.

Zynex, Inc. (ZYXI) is looking awesome. It took a second big-volume day to break out of the coil. On Thursday, it was up 1.02, or 9.46%, to 11.80, on 1 million shares and made a nominal new high at 11.89. I think this may gap and run in the next couple days. I’m looking for 14 and 17 to be the next targets. Ultimately, I think it will run to 22-23.

Stocks on the long side included AbbVie Inc. (ABBV), Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB), Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ARWR), Activision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI), CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (CRWD), Community Health Systems, Inc. (CYH), Endo International plc (ENDP), Francesca's Holdings Corporation (FRAN), Turtle Beach Corporation (HEAR), Invitae Corporation (NVTA), Okta, Inc. (OKTA), VelocityShares 3x Long Natural Gas ETN (UGAZ), Weibo Corporation (WB), Weight Watchers International I (WW), and Zynex, Inc. (ZYXI).

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AXSM, DQ, NWL, RESN, SGEN, ZYXI Axsome Therapeutics, Inc. (AXSM) was acting great. It actually broke out mid-Sept, ran up, formed a flag, and it looked like it was going to fly, but the biotech’s got hammered, taking it down from 30 all the way down to 13.60 on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday it had a big bounce up 1.55, or 9.28%, to 18.26, on 2.9 million shares. After coming down and bouncing again, it looks like bottoming action. Unfortunately, 23 is the stopping point.

Daqo New Energy Corp. (DQ) set up a platform for breaking out. It looked like it was going to explode and run into the 60’s, but instead, it rolled back and dropped 1.08, or (-2.40%), to 43.86, on 168,978 shares traded and on Wednesday. The next targets are 39-39 1/2. Keep this one in mind for down the road because if it holds the trendline, it could be a big one.

Newell Brands Inc. (NWL) broke out, closed poorly near resistance, had an inside day on Tuesday, but on Wednesday, it got hurt, losing 83 cents, or (-4.46%), to 17.79, on 3.7 million shares. Quite frankly, anything under 17 1/2, we’re out, but if it holds here and moves up, great. But be careful, it might retest 60 1/4.

Resonant Inc. (RESN) is one of the few stocks that look really good, although it had a nice pullback on Wednesday, and then exploded 50 cents, or 18%, to 3.23, on 57,985 shares traded. My targets are 3.94 and then 4.75.

Seattle Genetics, Inc. (SGEN) exploded to key, triple-top resistance and pulled back on Wednesday, but not begrudgingly, down 1.46, or (-1.70), to 84.54, on 1 million shares. If it sets up nicely here, we could see 104-105 on this one.

Zynex, Inc. (ZYXI) had a really nice day on Wednesday. It broke out of a coil pattern and accelerated with volume, popping 1.05, or 11%, to 10.78, on 1.2 million shares. Any move above the 11 3/4 range, you may see 14 and 17. As a result, I put a swing trade on this one on Wednesday.

Both longs and shorts included Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. (AAOI), Abeona Therapeutics Inc. (ABEO), Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited (AOSL), Axsome Therapeutics, Inc. (AXSM), Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. (BW), Coherus BioSciences, Inc. (CHRS), Ceragon Networks Ltd. (CRNT), Daqo New Energy Corp. (DQ), Dynavax Technologies Corporation (DVAX), Eros International Plc (EROS), Eton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ETON), Turtle Beach Corporation (HEAR), Inogen, Inc. (INGN), Maxar Technologies Inc. (MAXR), Newell Brands Inc. (NWL), Rite Aid Corporation (RAD), Resonant Inc. (RESN), Repligen Corporation (RGEN), ShockWave Medical, Inc. (SWAV), and Zynex, Inc. (ZYXI).

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