Charts of the Day Video by Harry Boxer Harry's Charts of the Day video presentation. en-us 2019-04-20 13:45:33 2019-04-20 13:45:33 (Harry Boxer) 110 137 Charts of the Day Video by Harry Boxer 2019-04-20 13:45:33 2019-04-20 13:45:33 ACB, CGC, NIU, SHSP, STNG, WRTC Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB), one of our long-term cannabis stocks, was up just 9 cents, or 1%, to 8.96, on 21 million shares. It had that massive move from mid-2016 at 34 cents up four waves and is possibly working on wave five. I’m not sure about that, but this stock has been ramping up since the 4 1/2 range, and has more than doubled, getting up to the 10-range. That’s 150% gain, and now it’s consolidating. I think the cannabis stocks in general are on the verge of a next leg up. For now, my targets are 10 1/2, and 12 1/2-3/4.

Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC) had a swing trade put on it by me a couple days ago. It popped on Tuesday, pulled back on Wednesday, popped again and got up to the same level. As a result of talks with Anchorage Holdings, one of the biggest U.S. growers of marijuana, it exploded 1.17, or 2.81%, to 42.85, on 5.8 million shares. It was up another 2.92, or 6.81% in after hours. Depending on where it opens on Thursday, it may very well test the 48 1/2-49 area. If it gets through that, targets are up around the 51-52 zone, then mid 50’s, high 50’s, and so on.

Niu Technologies (NIU), which we put a swing trade on and it backed off, dipped down in a falling wedge, and may have broken out on Wednesday. It closed right at the declining topsline, up 99 cents, or 9.43%, to 11.49, on 301,282 shares traded. Targets are 13 1/2 and 15 going forward.

SharpSpring, Inc. (SHSP), one of my picks for the year, has moved up and accelerated over the last two weeks, going from 14 1/2 to nearly 20 on Wednesday, up 95 cents, or 5.1%, to 19.56, on 73,382 shares traded. At this rate and this angle, it looks to me like the angle-of-ascent is closer to mid-channel at 23, and upper channel at 30, or better.

Scorpio Tankers Inc. (STNG), which we put a swing on, is running again after the breakout. It had a 2-day flag and popped out of it, advancing 97 cents, or 4.06%, to 24.87, on 688,648 shares traded. I would not be shocked to see it make a quick run to 27-27 1/2.

Wrap Technologies, Inc. (WRTC) is a fantastic chart, and on Wednesday, it reversed back up again, gaining 37 cents, or 4.87%, to 7.97, on 131,681 shares traded. If it gets through here it could explode to 8, 9, even 11. Those are the targets going forward.

Stocks on the long side included Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB), Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC), Boxlight Corporation (BOXL), Daqo New Energy Corp. (DQ), Canada Goose Holdings Inc. (GOOS), HEXO Corp. (HEXO), Puxin Limited (NEW), Niu Technologies (NIU), Qudian Inc. (QD), the Rubicon Project, Inc. (RUBI), SharpSpring, Inc. (SHSP), Scorpio Tankers Inc. (STNG), 3Pea International, Inc. (TPNL), and Wrap Technologies, Inc. (WRTC).

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ACB, ARQL, ASUR, ASYS, AXSM, RIOT Marijuana stocks perked up a little bit on Tuesday. Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB) was one of them, popping 37 cents, or 4.35%, to 8.88, on a strong 23 million shares. It’s not quite the breakout you want to see. Keep your eye on this one, though. If it breaks out of 9.30-.40 in the next couple days, you should see 10, and then 12 1/2. Keep your eye on support as well at 8.35-.40.

ArQule, Inc. (ARQL) broke out on Tuesday, bouncing 75 cents, or 13%, to 6.65, on 4.5 million shares. Volume was good. I like the look of it. I think it’s a swing. It popped across resistance, and I think it’s going retest the spike high at 7.21 from July of last year, which is my immediate target, and then I’m looking for 9 1/2.

Asure Software, Inc. (ASUR) exploded 1.16, or 16.34%, to 8.26, on 2.7 million shares. That’s the biggest volume I’ve ever seen on this stock. I put a swing on it Tuesday, with the kind of volume I saw, and the move, which I thought was huge. It got right to resistance at the gap, and it did back off a little bit, but held onto gains. At this point, I’m thinking 9 1/2 and 11 1/2, maybe 3/4.

Amtech Systems, Inc. (ASYS) has a beautiful-base breakout and pullback. This ongoing swing that looks like it broke out of a wedge on Tuesday, gained 20 cents, or 3%, to 6.97, on 119,702 shares traded. It should go to 7 1/2, and then 8 3/4, my next two targets.

Axsome Therapeutics, Inc. (AXSM), another swing that broke out of a coil on Tuesday and popped a little bit was up 1.17, or 8.18%, to 15.48, on 1.55 million shares. If it does get a push through 16 3/4, the next target has got to be 20.

Riot Blockchain, Inc. (RIOT), a swing trade of ours, looks like it’s about to explode right out of the wedge that formed. It popped 22 cents, or 4.67, to 4.93, on 1.7 million shares. Targets are in the 6-6 1/4-6 1/2 area, and then 9.00.

Stocks on the long side included Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB), Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD), ArQule, Inc. (ARQL), Asure Software, Inc. (ASUR), Amtech Systems, Inc. (ASYS), Axsome Therapeutics, Inc. (AXSM), EVERTEC, Inc. (EVTC), Extreme Networks, Inc. (EXTR), Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX), McDermott International, Inc. (MDR), Puxin Limited (NEW), PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PHAS), QUALCOMM Incorporated (QCOM), Riot Blockchain, Inc. (RIOT), UP Fintech Holding Limited (TIGR), Viomi Technology Co., Ltd (VIOT), and Western Digital Corporation (WDC).

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ARQL, AXSM, CATS, RIOT, RLGT, TIGR Markets had a consolidation-type session, first up at the opening, sharply lower, then sharply rallying back up, only to pull back a little at the end of the day. It was a decent session for a lot of stocks. We have highlighted quite a few that look like they may be on the verge of breaking out and moving to the next level.

ArQule, Inc. (ARQL), which had a V-bottom in December like many biotechs, and the market in general, popped to resistance and backed off to form a left-head-right shoulder, formed a big breakaway gap on big volume with a breakout, followed by a month-long wedge, and then popped out of the wedge. On Monday, it had a bullish-engulfing day, advancing 34 cents, or 6.12%, to 5.90, on 1.7 million shares, or 70% more volume than average. If this should get above 6.00, which may happen quickly, targets are 7 1/4, 8 1/2, and 9. I think it looks good.

Axsome Therapeutics, Inc. (AXSM) jumped 85 cents, or 6.32%, to 14.31, on 1.8 million shares. I think the wedge is about to come to fruition and breakout. The targets are 16 and 21 going forward.

Catasys, Inc. (CATS), one of our swing trades, climbed 76 cents, or 6.08%, to 13.25, on 113,964 shares traded. This stock has been backing and filling in a wedge. I think it’s ready to go. It’s needs to get above 14 1/2-3/4 to really get going. If it does, targets going forward are 18 and 24.

Riot Blockchain, Inc. (RIOT), a cryptocurrency company, popped and formed a wedge, gaining 10 cents, or 2.17%, to 4.71, on 1.8 million shares on Monday. I’m inclined to think that if this breaks out of the wedge, it’s just too bullish of a formation. Good volume pattern, good technicals, and good rising OBV. I think the pop and the wedge will lead to about the 6 1/4-1/2 area, maybe 3/4. Then it will go to 8 3/4-9. Those are my targets.

Radiant Logistics, Inc. (RLGT), a shipping logistics firm, broke out and ran up 38 cents, or 5.74%, to 7.00, on 1.7 million shares. It has an amazing base, and now it’s coming to a level that I haven’t seen it do for four years. It might ramp toward a 7 3/4-8 range. It soared a 52-week high at 7.09 just three days ago and it was right back up there again. Keep an eye on it.

UP Fintech Holding Limited (TIGR), since its IPO, has been phenomenal, only pausing for four days because of a falling wedge. It popped out of the wedge and took off. On Monday, it was up another 1.60, 9.09%, to 19.21, on 2.7 million shares. The target on this one is 22-23 short-term.

Stocks on the long side included ArQule, Inc. (ARQL), Riot Blockchain, Inc. (RIOT), ATA Inc. (ATAI), Asure Software, Inc. (ASUR), Axsome Therapeutics, Inc. (AXSM), Tronox Limited (TROX), Soliton, Inc. (SOLY), Bio-Path Holdings, Inc. (BPTH), Adient plc (ADNT), Boxlight Corporation (BOXL), UP Fintech Holding Limited (TIGR), Conformis, Inc. (CFMS), Radiant Logistics, Inc. (RLGT), and Catasys, Inc. (CATS).

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2019-04-12 20:30:22 2019-04-12 20:30:22 CATS, EDAP, EHTH, PGNX, SE, STNG It was a mixed session on Wall Street on Thursday, the S&P 500 pretty much unchanged. They brought them back from a definitive loss, technicals were weak, but it was not a bad day. I would have to say it was a good consolidation-pullback day. A lot of stocks we follow are still doing well. Here’s a few of them.

Catasys, Inc. (CATS), a swing trade of ours, has been consolidating, and on Thursday, it moved up 69 cents, or 5.32%, to 13.65, on a very light 119,701 shares traded. I need to get this stock to pop above 14 1/2-3/4 to get to targets at 18 and 23.

EDAP TMS S.A. (EDAP) was up 21 cents, or 4.12%, to 5.31, on 344,769 shares traded. This stock continues to mojo up the channel after a big breakaway gap on big volume. It looks like it wants to be a 6 1/2-2/4 stock, if not more go forward.

eHealth, Inc. (EHTH), one of our picks for the year, is absolutely stellar, popping out of a 4-day flag and popped another 2.66, or 3.95%, to 70.08, on 544,029 shares traded. It looks to me like it’s headed to the mid-70’s and high 80’s.

Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PGNX) broke out of a base, pulled back, exploded on Thursday and ran up 43 cents, or 8.53%, to 5.47, on 2.3 million shares. That’s good volume for that stock. It looks to me like it’s finishing it’s basing and breaking out. It should quickly test 5 3/4, but I’m looking for 6 3/4 to test the gap.

Sea Limited (SE) is one of our swing trades. I’ve been waiting for this stock to develop and form a consolidation and breakout, which it did on Thursday, popping 89 cents or 3.95%, to 23.41, on 6.4 million shares. That’s the best volume in three weeks. I expected a retest of the 25-range short-term, and then my targets are 30 and 31.

Scorpio Tankers Inc. (STNG) broke out on Thursday and jumped 2.22, or 10.33%, to 23.72, on 2.2 million shares. I put a swing on it. I like the chart, and that’s good volume. It closed at the upper end of the range. Targeting 27 and 32.

Stocks on the long side included Airgain, Inc. (AIRG), Catasys, Inc. (CATS), Domo, Inc. (DOMO), EDAP TMS S.A. (EDAP), eHealth, Inc. (EHTH), Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PGNX), Radiant Logistics, Inc. (RLGT), Sea Limited (SE), Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SNDX), Soliton, Inc. (SOLY), Scorpio Tankers Inc. (STNG), UP Fintech Holding Limited (TIGR), YETI Holdings, Inc. (YETI), and YRC Worldwide Inc. (YRCW).

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CRY, FLDM, FSLR, LSCC, NVTA, TPNL It was kind of a sloppy day for Wall Street on Wednesday. A lot of stocks we follow have been acting well. Let’s take a look at some of them here and see how they’re moving.

CryoLife, Inc. (CRY) broke out on Wednesday, popping 58 cents, or 2%, to 30.48, on 673,799 shares traded, and then pulled back. I put a swing on it because I thought it looked really good, and it did. The close wasn’t very good, though. Let’s watch this stock going forward. If it can get out over Wednesday’s high at 31.61, it will run to 34 and 36, which are my targets.

Fluidigm Corporation (FLDM) gained 57 cents, or 4.21%, to 14.11, on 432,718 shares traded on Wednesday. This stock may be coming out of wave 4. If wave 5 is underway, and this is the beginning of it, it needs to pick up in volume and technicals. More importantly, a break out to 14 3/4 is needed, and then a run to the 17-18 zone.

First Solar, Inc. (FSLR) is a stock that I’ve been liking all year. It formed a V-bottom, retested, had a base breakout in a rising channel. On Wednesday, it gapped with authority up 64 cents, or 8.27%, to 60.77, on 4.9 million shares. That’s the biggest volume on an up-day going all the way back to last June. For me, it’s a significant-breakaway day that should lead to the 63-64, my next target.

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (LSCC) might have broken as well. It popped 43 cents, or 3.36%, to 13.21, on 2.8 million shares. That’s the biggest volume on an up-day in a month. It looks to me like it could extend to 14 1/2 and may get as high as a mid-16 range.

Invitae Corporation (NVTA) also may be breaking out here. It climbed 1.11, or 4.41%, to 26.27, on 1.5 million shares, which is average for this stock. This beautiful rising channel that it’s in tells me that the first target is 28 and the second target is 33.

3Pea International, Inc. (TPNL), one of my favorite stocks right now, has a beautiful chart. It has been in a consolidation for two months, and on Wednesday it popped 38 cents, or 5.16%, to 7.75, on 249,998 shares traded. If it breaks here, it’s going to 12. That’s my next target.

Stocks on the long side included ATA Inc. (ATAI), Audentes Therapeutics, Inc. (BOLD), CryoLife, Inc. (CRY), Fluidigm Corporation (FLDM), First Solar, Inc. (FSLR), Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC), Guardant Health, Inc. (GH), Lattice Semiconductor Corporation (LSCC), Invitae Corporation (NVTA), Riot Blockchain, Inc. (RIOT), Soliton, Inc. (SOLY), SunPower Corporation (SPWR), Scorpio Tankers Inc. (STNG), 3Pea International, Inc. (TPNL), Tata Motors Limited (TTM), Valero Energy Corporation (VLO), Voyager Therapeutics, Inc. (VYGR), and Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. (ZAYO).

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AVYA, CMRX, EDAP, FLDM, FLNT, NVTA We had a tough day in the market. The market opened sharply lower, rallied back in wedges, rolled over hard, and finished not far off lows for the day. There was a last 15-second snapback on short covering, perhaps.

Avaya Holdings Corp. (AVYA) popped out of a wedge on Monday that it’s been in for a couple weeks and followed through on Tuesday, gaining 74 cents, or 4%, to 18.49, on 58 million shares. It looks to me like it’s headed to the 21 range, maybe 23. Those will be the next targets.

In talking to a couple of my biotech friends, they thought Chimerix, Inc. (CMRX) made a move that was significant for several reasons. But from a technical stand point, it looks to me like it broke out of a base on Tuesday, popping 65 cents, or 31%, to 2.74, on 4.3 million shared. It should be headed to 3.15, 3.85, and 4.25 short-term. Those are my targets this week.

EDAP TMS S.A. (EDAP) made quite a move on Tuesday. I checked my records and I thought I put a swing on this, but apparently did not. You can see why I wanted to put a swing on this one. It formed a breakaway gap, ran up on Tuesday, and popped 38 cents, or 7.90%, to 5.19, on 601,262 shares traded. Now it’s headed for what I think is 6 1/2. If it gets through that, we may see it up in the 8-9 zone. For now, stick with 6 1/2.

Fluidigm Corporation (FLDM) is a stock that I’ve been liking since it broke out of an inverse head-and-shoulders in July 2018. On Tuesday, it was up another 39 cents, or 3%, to 13.54, on 457,64 shares traded. I never did put a swing on it. There’s a flag there, and then another flag. You can run up on it sharply to another flag. It appears one more leg up and we are up at the 17-18-19 zone. That’s my next target.

Fluent, Inc. (FLNT), one of my swing trades, looks great. It continues to mojo up, only one cent, on Tuesday, to 6.13 on 418,917 shares traded. Currently, it’s retesting the highs from a couple weeks ago. My target is in the 7-7 1/2 range.

Invitae Corporation (NVTA) looks juicy in the apex of a sitting bull wedge. On Tuesday, it was up 59 cents, or 2.4%, to 25.16, on 1.7 million shares. If it runs here, I’m looking for 28 and 32 going forward.

Stocks on the long side included Avaya Holdings Corp. (AVYA), Chimerix, Inc. (CMRX), CEL-SCI Corporation (CVM), EDAP TMS S.A. (EDAP), FARO Technologies, Inc. (FARO), Fluidigm Corporation (FLDM), Fluent, Inc. (FLNT), Fuel Tech, Inc. (FTEK), Insmed Incorporated (INSM), Puxin Limited (NEW), Invitae Corporation (NVTA), Okta, Inc. (OKTA), Soliton, Inc. (SOLY), Telaria, Inc. (TLRA), and Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. (TNDM).

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2019-04-06 13:35:30 2019-04-06 13:35:30 ASYS, ICAD, INS, KRNT, VKTX, ZYNE It was kind of a mixed market day on Wall Street on Thursday. A lot of stocks we follow did interesting things. Let’s take a look at some of the ones we’ve highlighted here.

Amtech Systems, Inc. (ASYS) had a big drop that started at the end of 2017 around 15.00, and came all the way down to 4.02 in a 5-wave decline, built a long base, and on Thursday, it exploded with a breakaway gap, running up 61 cents, or 14.25%, to 4.89, on 6.4 million shares. That’s big volume for that stock. At this point, I’m looking for it to take out Thursday’s high at 63.4, and then make a run to 8 1/2-3/4. That’s your next target.

iCAD, Inc. (ICAD), which I put a swing on Thursday after it ran through the 4-day top, it accelerated, popping 61 cents, or 12%, to 5.74, on 353,906 shares traded. That was the biggest volume in about five weeks. If this stock accelerates, we could see 7 1/2, and then 9.00 going forward.

Intelligent Systems Corporation (INS), one of my top picks of the year, continues to mojo upward. It was another inside day, but a positive one, moving up 2.28, or 6.7%, to 36.28, on 124,930 shares traded. At this point, I would look for a run to low-to-mid 40’s.

Kornit Digital Ltd. (KRNT) is in a beautiful trend, running another 1.40, or 5.42%, to 27.22, on 461,188 shares traded, on Thursday. I do want to point out that there’s a 5-wave move in here and it may be smart for it to pull back without the aggressiveness of the higher range. You can see that the channel-up has reached the top of the longer-term channel and the short-term channel. It’s kind of a double-resistance level, but at a new all-time high. It may accelerate or it could pull back here. The support and target are in the 24ish range.

Viking Therapeutics, Inc. (VKTX) is doing well. After the base breakout, it’s working its way slowly upward, popping 9 cents to 10.32, on 3.2 million shares. I can see it stall in the 10.74 range, create some kind of rising channel, and make its way up toward the 12 1/2, range, and then eventually 15 3/4.

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ZYNE), which exploded for two days, had an inside day on Thursday, but a positive one, finishing up with 32 cents, or 4.32%, to 7.72, on 4.1 million shares. I think it wants to go higher. I’m looking for a test of the double-top from Aug-Sept that comes in around 9.00. If it gets through that, you’re looking at 11 3/4.

Stocks on the long side included Amtech Systems, Inc. (ASYS), CommScope Holding Company, Inc. (COMM), DBV Technologies S.A. (DBVT), iCAD, Inc. (ICAD), Intelligent Systems Corporation (INS), Iovance Biotherapeutics, Inc. (IOVA), Kornit Digital Ltd. (KRNT), Lululemon Athletica Inc. (LULU), MediciNova, Inc. (MNOV), Moderna, Inc. (MRNA), uniQure N.V. (QURE), Soliton, Inc. (SOLY), Viking Therapeutics, Inc. (VKTX), Extraction Oil & Gas, Inc. (XOG), XPO Logistics, Inc. (XPO), and Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ZYNE).

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