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Charts of the Day video for Tue May 26th 2015

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It was a tough day on Wall Street, but.

It was a tough day on Wall Street, but the stocks that we follow had a good day, a very good day for several of our stocks.

BSQUARE Corp. (BSQR), one of our swing trades which is working well for us, jumped 52 cents to 6.79, or 8 1/4%, on over a half million shares. Technicals look good. Look for this stock to get to 7 1/2 short-term.

iDreamSky Technology Limited (DSKY), a Chinese stock, exploded along with a lot of other Chinese stocks on Tuesday, up 1.08 to 11.62, or 10 1/4%, on 1.1 million shares. It popped, broke out of a little flag, and through the resistance level. There is a little resistance near 12.50-.60, which is the near-term target. It may get there on Wednesday. If it can punch through that, look for it to get up near the 15 range.

Momo Inc. (MOMO) is the perfect symbol for a stock that has momentum. It had a breakaway gap, a 2-day run-up, a pullback, and now it’s moving again, up 1.04 to 18.94, or 5.8%, on 2.3 million shares on Tuesday. It may very well reach into the low-to-mid 20’s.

NeoPhotonics Corporation (NPTN) is also a swing trade that is working well, up 46 cents to 7.84, or 6 1/4%, on 1.6 million shares on Tuesday. That’s strong volume for that stock, the biggest volume on an up-day all year. The short-term target of 8 1/4 may be too low. Look for 9 1/2 next.

Other stocks on Harry’s Charts of the Day included Applied Optoelectronics, Inc. (AAOI), Agenus Inc. (AGEN), Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ATNM), BSQUARE Corp. (BSQR), Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. (HOTR), China Finance Online Co., Ltd. (JRJC), McDermott International Inc. (MDR), Oncothyreon Inc (ONTY), and Vascular Biogenics Ltd. (VBLT).

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