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You'll Receive:

Live Trading Room
Interact with Harry and a community of day & swing traders throughout the session in a live discussion forum, focussing on trending small- and mid-cap stocks.

Intraday Trade Alerts
Includes swing trade alerts for basic memberships and day trade alerts for premium members.

Live Video
Premium members can view Harry's computer screen and hear him discuss his live charts throughout the day.

Harry's "Charts of the Day" and Closing Analysis
End-of-day multimedia chart analysis of key stocks in play, as well as closing market analysis with technical forecasts for the next session.

Weekend Webinar & Watchlists
Interactive Webinar each Saturday morning covering the market indices and key sectors along with analysis of current swing trade holdings and watchlist members.


Plus Monthly Webinar Series covering chapters of Harry's book, and a Free Educational DVD Set (a $60 value)!


Harry Boxer Harry Boxer has more than 40 years of Wall Street investment and technical analysis experience, including eight years on Wall Street as chief technical analyst with three brokerage firms. Former chief technical analyst and columnist for and winner of the 1995 & 1996 worldwide Internet stock-market trading contest, "The Technical Analysis Challenge," Harry is widely syndicated and a featured guest on many financial programs and sites, including CNBC, CBSMarketWatch, WinningonWallStreet, Stockhouse, DecisionPoint and more. He is currently author of The Technical Trader (, a real-time diary of his trading ideas and market analysis, and is also a technical consultant to many Wall Street hedge funds and large institutional traders.

“I was able to earn a 20% return on my portfolio (half in realized gains and half in unrealized) within the 15 day trial period of your service using your advice and my trading moves. Thanks for the great advice.”--Tom Harrison - Alpharetta, Georgia

“I am amazed by your uncanny ability to predict the market and by how discliplined your trading is. I feel lost without your picks and commentaries!" --Peter Sugiono - Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

“Since I started my subscription, I have been averaging about $2k a day, so to say the least I am ecstatic.” --Kevin McDonald - Boulder, Colorado

“Harry is one of the best traders alive today.” --Tom Robertson - Bel Air, Maryland

“Harry fits the definition of a great trader -- a human computer! His consistent coverage of each trade and providing of entry and exit points on a real-time basis separates his services from the others.” --Sandy Resnick - Coral Springs, Florida

“Harry, you are truly a stock expert. I absolutely love trading with you.” --Mark Bradley - Toronto, Ontario

“There's plenty of advice on the net [but] none of it has helped me make money like Harry's picks have.” --Gary Gill - Tempe, Ariz.

“Your recommendations are like a command to me.” --Ilian Kemenoff - Queensland, Aus.

“Great service. Very profitable. Hope you live to be 100!” --Rod Vatcher - Newfoundland

“Harry is one of the best traders on the planet and his insight has been a great education.” --Bob Markey - Aurora, Colo.

“Harry, you are the man. You have picked some really great stocks. I have decided to commit to your service after trying about 20 different guys out there.” --Ralph Wilkinson - Agoura Hills, Calif.

“My closed profit is $100,000.00+ since April 1st. So I am doing really well and better then ever since you instituted your new format. I love the ongoing comments any suggestions in the chat room and it gives more clarity to the trading page. Great Sunday overviews too!!!!“ --Charlie Wright - Ontario, Canada

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