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Quick Tips

How to …

1. Tune in to Harry’s Live Screencasts Our screencast of Harry’s charts is viewable throughout the trading day. Harry’s microphone is turned OFF except when he announces a talk. To ask questions during Harry’s talks, please post to our Trading Room rather than using the Webinar control panel. If having trouble logging into Harry’s screencast, please contact us or call GoToWebinar’s Tech Support at 800-263-6317.

2. Access Important Alerts Set your Email … and Room Audio Notifications! See Settings Wheel (top right) and select Settings/Billings and then Notifications for email settings and Room Notifications for setting audio alerts on posts in the room!

4. Filter the Room/Ignore a User You can create a filter to view only those users you want to view in the room, or you can select ignore to hide anyone you don’t want to view.

To create a filter, go to Advanced Search and select the users you want and click search. At the top left of the search page, select Add to My Filters and then name the filter.

To ignore a user, which hides their posts and prevents them from direct messaging you, click on the user’s name in the header of the post, and then click on the circle with a slash through it. Learn more here.

Room Features …

1. Unlimited Scrolling: Old posts will no longer scroll off the page -- you can simply keep scrolling to find earlier posts.

2. Your Own Filtered Feed: You can now filter the room by symbol/keyword/user, by predefined filters like Swing Trading or Charts, or by any combination of search parameters — with everything else removed! Every display is live, with the room updating based on your filtered content.

3. Ability to Keep Old Threads Alive: Old posts are no longer simply archived as static information. Now you can post a reply, and the person to whom you're replying will be notified of the unread reply in the message center atop the Trading Room page. Plus, anyone else who chose to follow that thread (by clicking on the heart icon) will be notified.

4. New Direct Message Center: Direct messages are now timestamped and neatly organized in our new message center atop the page, with a number of new features, including the ability to pm people offline, minimize chats, load past chat history, and even receive visual and audio alerts of new messages!

5. Customizable Display of Individual Posts: You can now have posts cut off automatically after a designated number of lines to adjust how many are viewable at one time in your window. Plus, you can customize your chart display and your right column display to have new replies appear in ascending or descending order.

6. Works on any Mobile Device: That's right, our new room and general site is now completely mobile-friendly!