Posting Guidelines

What Not to Post - 10 Guidelines for Posting to Harry's Trading Room

  1. No Stocks Under $3. Please do not discuss any stocks under $3 or ask Harry about their technicals. The only exception is if Harry has selected the stock as a day or swing trade due to its being in play on a significant increase in volume.
  2. Check Swing Trade Watchlist first before asking for targets or stops. If the stock you're interested in is there, do not ask about targets or stops unless they are no longer valid. You're also encouraged to watch the Charts of the Day and Weekend videos, as many swing questions may have already been answered there.
  3. No Specific Entry & Exit Questions. Harry tells you what symbols are setting up, and gives targets, stops, support & resistance -- but where you buy and sell is up to you!
  4. Please do not post Exits/Profits without posting entry in real time.
  5. Please do not ask Questions during the Pre-Market Live Video presentation. Harry will be glad to answer any and all questions after the first update presentation/review is complete and you hear him say he's ready to take questions.
  6. Please include at least your First Name in any Chat Handle you decide to use. Not required, but Harry would appreciate it very much.
  7. Please, no Direct Messaging Harry during Live Updates.
  8. Please have Specific Questions. Do not just throw out a ticker symbol with a question mark and expect an answer.
  9. Remember to use the "Search" box. This is located in the top right of the Trading Room page to search anything by name or symbol to check on a symbol before posting a question.
  10. Absolutely NO Cheerleading or Pumping Allowed: Everyone is emotional, but please refrain from outbursts/cheerleading like "Buy-buy-buy!" or "Go XYZ! GO!!!" or "XYZ is going down!" -- as well as from repeating the same comments on the same stocks! Only suggest a buy if you have technical and/or fundamental support for your recommendation. To alert us of anyone not complying, please click on the 3 dots under the post and select "Report Post."

Please also note: The purpose of the Trading Room is to foster cooperative analysis for optimizing trading and better understanding of the markets. Member Trading Room posts are not for commercial or promotional purposes. All room messages, including direct messages, are archived, and may be reviewed to ensure adherence to our guidelines. Room and direct messages that are promotional or in any way attacking, insulting, or incendiary are NOT permitted. We request courtesy, and reserve the right to, for any reason and without notice, 1) edit or remove member content, 2) discontinue a member's posting and private messaging privileges, and/or 3) suspend membership, including in such instances where we find it too onerous to adequately monitor and respond to a member's messages. If you have any concerns about comments made in the chat room, or any feedback, contact us. You can also report a post and/or ignore the user among the options when clicking on the 3 dots below each post.