5 Tips for Getting Started

1 - Paper Trade

Make notes in real time on where you would buy/sell/stop. Wait until you have patterns that will work for you repeatedly before you trade with real money.

2 - Follow the Big Pre-Market Movers, but Don't Chase the Gap

Harry often suggests buying on the first pullback rather than chase on a gap. As Harry says: "We most often state to wait for the first pullback to see if gap or nearby support does hold. This pop & retest results in many stocks that hold support, then trend or channel up throughout the day (my favorite day trade pattern). It also enables you to stop the trade quickly if the opening gap or nearby support is violated, resulting in quite small losses and allows you to 'stay with the intraday up-trend' longer.

3 - Get Tips from Other Members

Post questions to the room or private message some of our top traders for tips in trading and using the site. (Please note: You need to have a credit card in the system to post or message. Please click here to add.)

To learn who our key traders are and some of their tips, see our Member Tips page.

4 - Use our Filter

Searching for posts only on Swing Trading? You'll find them in our Swing Trading pre-set filter. There's also a pre-set filter for posts with charts, and the opportunity to create your own filters or at least search for posts by symbol, user, keyword and more!

See My Filters.

5 - Watch Harry's Weekend Video

There's no better way to get ready for the week ahead than to sit in with Harry while he does his homework. During the Weekend Video Harry covers the broad market indices, select sector ETFs, and swing trade set-ups on the long and short side. The video is key for anyone interested in swing trade opportunities. Day traders also need to sit in on his intraday Live Videos!

Find Harry's Weekend Video in the Videos menu or click here.