Closing Analysis

Today's Top Day Trade: NNDMThu October 15th 2020

NNDM was a day trade pick of ours at 11:12 am at 3.76.  The stock got up to 4.48, surpassing our 4.20 secondary target without breaking support.

OPTT and GME were additional top day trades today.

Today's Top Charts: MDGS, ENLV & CMPSTue October 13th 2020

MDGS, a pre-market day trade pick, opened at 3 and ran to a high of 3.99 so far.

ENLV, another pre-market pick, opened at 12.30, and held above support while reaching just above our 13.50 target.

CMPS, highlighted pre-market, opened at 36.77 and reached a high of 40.20, surpassing our 39.50 target.

Today's Top Trades: AREC, ELAN & OCULWed October 7th 2020

We highlighted AREC as a day trade as it popped premarket.  The stock opened at 3.09 and got up to 4.93, surpassing our 4.50 target.

We also featured ELAN as a day trade at 10:24 at 30.37.  The stock reached 32.30, while never breaching our 29.90 support.

OCUL was another premarket day trade pick of ours.  It opened at 9.40 and got up to 10.85, holding above support all the way up.

Today's Top Day Trades: PLL, PPSI, SPITue October 6th 2020

Here are three day trade picks from pre-open that have been today's top trades, holding above support as they ran higher.

PLL: opened at 40 and ran to 49.45.

PPSI: opened at 3.32 and reached 9.43.

SPI:  opened at 7 and got as high as 8.67.

Today's Top Day Trades: WWR, CBAT & CYTKMon October 5th 2020

We highlighted WWR as a day trade set-up today at 11:43 am at 6.35, and the stock got up to as high as 9.20!

We also featured CBAT at 10:44 am at 3.35.  The stock remained above our 3.10 support and got up to 4.78.

CYTK was a premarket day trade pick of ours.  It opened at 26.33 and ran past our secondary target of 29.50 to 30.14, while remaining above our 26 support.

Today's Top Day Trades: CRDF, PEIX & SRNETue September 29th 2020

We highlighted CRDF as a day trade at 10:41 am at $13.74, and the stock got to as high as $15.24 without breaking support.

We also featured PEIX at 10:26 am at $7.26. The stock held above $7 support and got past our secondary target at $7.85 to reach $8.

Our third top day trade today was SRNE, which we highlighted premarket.  It opened at $10.71 and ran to $12.18.

Today's Top Day Trades: PTON, BLNK & WKHSFri September 25th 2020

PTON was a day trade set-up we highlighted at 10:01 am at $94.11, and stock went on reach as high as $97.22.

BLNK was a pre-market day trade pick that opened at $8.06, held above our $7.95 support level, and got up to $9.05 (our target was $8.90 to $9).

WKHS was a day trade set-up we featured at 9:41 am at $24.13.  It got to right above our secondary target of $25.50, tagging $25.65.

Today's Top Trades: OMI, PECK, MEIThu September 24th 2020

OMI, a pre-market day trade pick, opened at $19.19 and got as high as $22.16.

PECK, highlighted at 10:09 am near $6 1/2, jumped in the next hour to as high as $14.30 without breaking support.

MEI, another pre-market pick, opened at $26.22 and ran as high as $27.77 while remaining above our $25.50 support level.

Today's Top Day Trades: SPI, JKS & UNGWed September 23rd 2020

Our biggest day-trading winner by far today was SPI, which we first highlighted at 10:03 am at $3.79 with a stop under $3.30.  The stock never got below the stop as it ran as high as $13.15.

Two other strong picks, both in pre-market, were JKS, which opened at $28.42 and reached $33.49, and UNG, which opened at $12.19 and got up to $12.76.

Today's Top Day Trades: CVNA, APT & VSTOTue September 22nd 2020

CVNA, a premarket day trade pick of ours, opened at $210.86, and never broke our support (at $197) as it got as high as $233.34 as of this writing.

APT, highlighted for a day trade at 10:25 am at $14.93, reached our secondary target of $15.90-$16, as it tagged $15.93, also without breaking support.

VSTO, alerted at 9:55 at $20.32, exceeded our $21+ secondary target while remaining above 19.90 support, tagging $21.55 so far!

Today's Top Day Trades: NNOX, INO, SAVAFri September 18th 2020

NNOX, which we highlighted as a day trade pre-market, opened at 31.10 and got up to as high as 35.00 today!

INO, another pre-market pick, opened at 15.45 and reached 18.47 today.

SAVA, which we alerted members to pre-market, opened at 8.75 and jumped as high as 10.45, surpassing our 10 target.

Today's Top Day Trades: MLHR, EBON, REKRThu September 17th 2020

MLHR, highlighted pre-market with a secondary target of 33, opened at 30.56 and got up to as high as 35.19.

EBON, highlighted at 9:54 at 9.12, spiked shortly after to 14.95!

REKR, which we alerted our members to at 10:07 at 7.14, jumped soon after to 7.80!

Today's Top Day Trades: ARWR, INO & FOSLWed September 16th 2020

Here are Harry Boxer's top day trade picks today at 

ARWR, a pre-market day trade pick, opened at 40.05 and ran as high as 53.12.

INO, also highlighted pre-market, opened at 14.38 and moved up steadily to reach 17.89.

FOSL, a day trade alert at 10:35 when the stock was at 8.20, continued higher to 8.81.

Today's Top Day Trades: INO & CKPTTue September 15th 2020

Harry Boxer highlighted INO as a day trade pick at 10:10 am with the stock at 12.57.  It got up to as high as 14.26, and remained above Harry's 12.25 support level, surpassing his 13.25 target.

Harry also highlighted CKPT at 9:56 am at 3.67.  The stock got up to 4.32, right in Harry's 4-4.40 target range, and remaining over his 3.50 support on the way up.

TSLA and MRNS were additional top trades today.

Today's Top Day Trades: VXRT, LABU & NKMon September 14th 2020

VXRT was one of our top day trade picks today.  Highlighted pre-market, the stock opened at 6.38 and got as high as 8.47, surpassing our 7.75 target.

LABU, another pre-market pick, opened at 49.86 and got as high as 54.20.

NK, highlighted at 9:44 am at 7.36, got just under our secondary 8 target, reaching 7.97.

Today's Top Day Trades: FRTA, CODX & NNOXFri September 11th 2020

Harry alerted TheTechTrader members to a day trade in FRTA at 9:40 am today when the stock was at $15.14.  He noted targets of 15.50 and 16+, and the stock made a high of $16.12.

He also alerted members on CODX at 9:39 am at $12.73, with a secondary target of 14+.  The stock got up to $14.16.

Pre-market Harry alerted members to a day trade in NNOX, then at $50.  The stock opened at $49.40 and got as high as $59.16.

See charts illustrating today's moves.

Today's Top Day Trades: AGEN & HOMEThu September 10th 2020

AGEN was a day trade pick of ours today at 9:59 am when it was at $4.83.  We noted a target of $5.20-.25 and the stock got as high as $5.38.

In addition, we added HOME as a day trade alert at 9:47 when it was at $17, with an initial target of $17.50.  The stock reached $17.57.

Today's Top Day Trades: BYSI & OTRKWed September 9th 2020

BYSI, which Harry highlighted as a day trade alert at 9:49 am today when it was at 15.30, popped to a high of 17.36. Harry noted:  "Looking for momo extension to 16.50 & 17-17.25+. Support 14.50."

OTRK advanced from 74.79 at 9:50 am to a high of 80.46.  Harry had noted day trade targets of 77 and then 79+. Support 73.25 & 72.50.

Top Day Trades: LMPX, UVXY, PLMFri September 4th 2020

Here is a sampling of some of our top day trades today.  

LMPX, which we issued a day trade alert on premarket at $15.43, and which opened at $15.45, got as high as $19.14.

UVXY, which we issued an alert on at 9:37 am at $27.62, got as high as $32.18.

And PLM, alerted 12:05 pm at $4.62 got as high as $6.38.

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