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Harry Boxer
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  • Harry's Top 20 Stocks for 2013 +97.4% Avg Return (from Dec 31, 2012 to high for 2013)

    • AEGR +285% 9.9 mo's
    • BDBD +30.1% 9.9 mo's
    • BIOS +57.9% 6.2 mo's
    • CLSN +15.2% 0.5 mo's
    • CRAY +69.6% 7.2 mo's
    • CSOD +89.8% 8.4 mo's
    • EGHT +63.4% 9.7 mo's
    • ELLI +62.9% 9.6 mo's
    • FSLR +114% 10.4 mo's
    • INFI +41.8% 2.5 mo's
    • MX +49.8% 9.7 mo's
    • NXPI +64.5% 11.9 mo's
    • POL +61.3% 11.9 mo's
    • QIHU +207% 9.6 mo's
    • RPRX +83.2% 8.7 mo's
    • SNTS +175% 11.1 mo's
    • SRPT +104% 9.1 mo's
    • TASR +103% 9.9 mo's
    • UNXL +262% 4.5 mo's
    • USG +9.1% 1.6 mo's
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    About Harry

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    Harry Boxer has more than 40 years of Wall Street investment and technical analysis experience, including eight years on Wall Street as chief technical analyst with three brokerage firms. Former chief technical analyst and columnist for and winner of the 1995 & 1996 worldwide Internet stock-market trading contest, "The Technical Analysis Challenge," Harry is widely syndicated and a featured guest on many financial programs and sites.

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    “HB your trade selections are out of this world. I'm actually seeing green$$$$ in my account since moving to your chat room on Friday. I had to quit the last chat room they were shorting since Sept. OUCH!!! I'm in BCSI and a lot of your trades! thanks”
    - David Ikin
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    “I've used your service almost 3 weeks and it's been an absolute blast! It's fun to do in a day what many people expect for a year.”
    - J Wood
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    “Just like to let you know that your teaching the technicals trading style has transformed my trading P/L. Making the jump in confidence is unreal!”
    - thebull
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    “Harry, I have to hand it to you, You do work harder for your subscribers than any other service I've seen. Nobody puts in the effort you do day after day.”
    - Rob C
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    “Can't tell you HB how much I really appreciate being here on your desk. It has changed the way I look at trading and and gives me courage to move forward with confidence. THANK YOU!!”
    - "ichinen"
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    “HB I just want to thank you personally for your efforts in training me. I feel like I have a real support team that can really help me do good at this. So thanks for your hard work.”
    - Key Largo Trader
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