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Harry's Top Swing Picks in 2016:

• CWEI +241% in 3 months
• CPXX +218% in 2 months
• EXAS +154% in 7 weeks
• WB +149% in 4 1/2 months
• CETX +100% in 7 weeks
• SLCA +94% in 5 months
• TRGP +84% in 32 days
• VUZI +81% in 2 1/2 months
• DDD +73% in 31 days
• SSTK +72% in 4 1/2 months
• OCUL +69% in 6 weeks
• CNX +65% in 3 1/2 months
• MDVN +63% in 4 months
• TASR +61% in 4 months
• ADXS +55 % in 1 week!
• PBYI +52% in 4 weeks
• INO +51% in 3 1/2 weeks


Charts of the Day

Array BioPharma Inc. (ARRY) had a nice move and nice follow-through on a lousy day, up 37 cents, or 3.4%, to 11.24, 8.2 million shares traded on Tuesday. Good volume. Closed at the upper end of the range. Going forward the targets are 12 1/2, maybe even 14. Kopin Corporation (KOPN) is looking great. It more than doubled since I gave it to you in Oct.
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Closing Analysis

Negative Down Day
The stock market indices started off the trading week with a sharp gap down, a quick drop of about 30 points on the Nasdaq 100 and 9 points on the S&P 500. They then bounced sharply, got to resistance, rolled back, and consolidated all afternoon until finally they weren’t able to breakout. The declining topsline came around and they were unable to break through and sold off sharply.
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“HB. I've had some very, very hard lessons over the years myself including some very, very massive wrong way bets on some leveraged etfs. Now recovering and have been averaging $43k a month (sometimes as high as $68-78k) in gains (with your help). I still remember around 2004 using your service and I believe you had a ca$h register sound when you were calling a trade. I'm hoping you can continue for another 10 years or so with some good market calls etc. In any event, you are one of my heroes in life.”
"StuRenr"Trading Room2016-09-04
“Day after day, month after month, no matter the overall condition of the market, folks can be assured the trades that HB presents and analyzes are the best and most timely the market has to offer. It is truly awesome. What's more, many of the ideas Harry presents are prescient and made available to the Tech Trader tribe often weeks before they are discussed on Cramer or mentioned in IBD. AS BK can attest, there is nobody better in the Game”
"Geo_88"Trading Room2016-11-20
“Hi, Harry, just wanted to give you some feedback of using your service. I started on 7/8 trading stock by reading your book and later joint your service. Today is 9/8, exactly 2 months. My total closed position is gaining $31077. Your service changed my path of life. Just want to express my appreciation.”
"gchu"Trading Room2016-09-08
“Just made 3 yrs here on Nov 13th. have learned so much on how to read a chart and techs its remarkable. This is the imo the greatest board in the stock universe. So many good to great traders if you listen to HB or just listen to his targets their is really hardly no way you can not make money. Even just trading just a little bit as i am now.”
"opey8310"Trading Room2016-12-03
“My god, just went over my stats, since I joined, my trades were 100% success rate! almost all of them I got out too early, but still amazing. I left 4/5 profits on the table, that means I have a lot room to improve :) 10% gain so far this month! Thanks HB”
"edel"Trading Room2016-09-22
“Hey HB. Great trading week and great trading ever since I joined. I am going to brag, no doubt about it. But I brag only to let you know you are making me some serious $$'s. This week alone was a +$230k on NVDA and MDVN. I trade very strictly to you entry points, exit points, place my stops, and sell just below your targets on ONLY your day trade ideas. I tell everyone about you. Your jokes can really bomb sometimes, but your trades are top notch.”
"ORCA"Trading Room2016-08-12
“Harry. I really appreciate all the guidance you provide in the TechTrader room. I've been a long term trader for many years and yet always poor at day trades. I realized Thursday that my portfolio has climbed 50% since I began in this room, even with all my mistakes. Most of my trades are now day or swing trades, and my returns have climbed significantly in the last month. This room has provided the best financial education I have ever found.”
"Jeff17"Trading Room2016-09-25
“ have made a believer out of me....trial week.....100% winners.....11.9% gains before posted targets are are incredible.”
“I have learned a lot here and every day for me, is like coming to school and enjoying HB’s classes. HB is not only a great technical trader but a great teacher. How to apply his knowledge and make money is up to us. Thanks to HB and all the Techtraders for sharing your knowledge and experience.”
AngieHTrading Room2017-01-07
“HB , you have taught me how to read and draw lines on a chart. I could not even phantom that before I got here. So thank you once again for letting me be here for 3 yrs now and continually learning from the best”
opey8310Trading Room2017-01-06
“Thank you HB. I've been in your room since June and I've already paid my subscription for this year and the next. You have some very astute people here and YOU do a "hella" job. You vastly underestimate the value of your service. ”
"ReddRuffnsore"Trading Room2016-09-30
“I was able to trade enough to make enough down to purchase a home (thanks Harry)!”
"Brett_A"Trading Room2016-06-21
“Harry I wanted to thank you for all your hard work, dedication and guidance you provide to your trading site. I am an engineer and I connect every day and listen to your weekend and daily charts and formulate my own list of stocks that I trade daily. I am up considerably over 200K and wanted to thank you for providing the best trading advice!”
"Philippe"Trading Room2016-08-22
“I try to put a lot of effort into things and now appreciate more than ever how you and TTT have helped me improve my trading which recently peaked to a new personal high 80% success rate. By improving my ability to better understand how to "technically" detail trades, which I had never done before joining the room, it has proved to be a difference maker in conquering the stock market on a daily basis. Your expertise and enthusiasm for technical trading you teach every day online in the live videos, nightly charts of the day and weekend webinar is contagious as I now can truly say that I love trading stocks more than ever. My only regret since joining TTT is that I wish I had found your site years ago! Keep up the great work as I wanted to let you know that there are a lot of members like me who would not be better off today financially without you.”
"Peter_F"Trading Room2015-06-07
“Hi everyone, I am fairly new to the room and would like to say I have had the best week ever since I started trading 5 years ago. On top of HB being absolutely amazing all of you are so helpful. ”
"Jasmine"Trading Room2016-03-05
“Just a quick note to let you know that your service and all those involved in it has been a huge boost to my education and knowledge re: trading stocks. My bottom line has jumped up big time since I joined the site and more importantly I am learning how to evaluate trends and opportunities in ways that I never did before. Thanks for all that you do.”
"MaineMark"Trading Room2016-09-08
“Became a member of your service about a month ago. Before signing up,I tried many different services and as a result blew about 40% of my account. Now I'm slowly gaining it back. Just wanted to say thank you. You have the BEST SERVICE ON WALL STREET”
"AlexV"Trading Room2016-08-05
“Hi HB. Just thought it would be nice to let you know that today marks 1 month since I’ve joined the room and i can happily say I’ve made profits of 24%. ‎Thank you and thanks to all those in room for helping making that possible. Absolutely no way I could’ve done it without you guys.”
"Thabit"Trading Room2016-08-12
“Just finished second week on this site. First week I overtraded and second guessed and broke even. This last week however, I made over 2k. Thought I'd let you know how good you, HB are at what you do. Your info is actionable and profitable. I also want to thank the other participants for all the hard work and research they put into the site. They are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I’ve been trading sideways for ten months till now. I paid money to option monster and chaiken analytics with no success. Guess I found the right place. Thank You!”
"billy49"Trading Room2016-08-12
“My first week in the room and I love it. Made money and learned a whole bunch. Attention to detail is out of this world. Been in some other rooms where you get 10% of what Harry gives you. Harry does a great presentation at the Traders Expo, try to catch one.”
"NeilH"Trading Room2016-03-04
“HB, I'm very happy to be part of this amazing room. Great leadership from you and really nice bunch of guys who are bright and fun to communicate with. Thanks again!”
"Tawfic"Trading Room2016-09-03
“A quick thanks....your trading guidance has saved my trading. The structure and the technical analysis along with your commentary has made me relearn a lot of my thinking. I listen more then comment but find your service great!”
"MikeTx"Trading Room2016-08-08
“My trading account ended Q2 + 69%. Q3 off to a good start closed out July + 26%. No way could I have done this on my own. Member for life!”
SliderTrading Room2016-08-30
“I have NEVER been more successful at trading since signing on for The Technical Trader. I tell everyone and I am totally impressed at the knowledge of HB and the room overall. David Downey (ORCA)”
"ORCA"Trading Room2016-09-22
“Harry, I took one of you're 5 stocks to watch about a year ago on a little silver mine, I did a very little personal research at the time, and applied some of my gut feelings about it, and to date it's my single biggest winner, I'm up about 350%. Thank you for exposing some great opportunities, Keep up the research, and I'll keep up the faith.”
"Daniel Hansson"MarketWatch2016-08-04
“"If I had a group like this in the 90s, I would have never blown up my accounts twice. As for HB there is no other group leader or a person that is running a paid service giving you what HB giving you." "Ladies & Gentleman the edge we have here with HB is that Mr. Boxer has so much PASSION for the markets [and] for his TT Room. It's in his blood. That my friends is an edge money cant buy. Trust me if HB was all about the $$$ - we could not afford him with the time he puts into us!"”
CJnycTrading Room2015-07-03
“I wanted to recognize HB's BRILLIANT calls today especially on LABU and his mkt bottom call earlier in the day. Absolutely incredible guidance in a treacherous market that only one with as much experience and mkt wisdom could successfully navigate. ”
"Mick" Trading Room2016-01-21
“Would Like to say Harry that I have been in wall street 42+ years and the last 20 as a market maker..Have seen a lot of services..( A lot ) but never have I seen a more realistic, genuine trader as yourself...You are a credit to the industry and hope to be here a very long time...No one is right all the time and your approach to trading is right on..again congrats on a very successful service!”
"SonnyBlack"Trading Room2014-12-10
“I am new here and tried various rooms previously, but at last I found Harry Boxer and I can tell from my experiences if you really serious in learning how to day and swing trade, Harry Boxer is a real Hero..... if you want to stay in this business, you cannot find better site than this.”
"Satya"Trading Room2016-03-02
“Your CROX call just made me 2 months worth of subscription!”
"Minh"Trading Room2016-05-12

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