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Meet Harry Boxer

Harry Boxer co-founded with AdviceTrade in 2001, providing one of the first live trading rooms on the Web.

A veteran technical analyst and stock picker since the late 1960's, Harry is author of Profitable Day & Swing Trading (Wiley), named by Stock Trader's Almanac as the "2015 Best Investment Book of the Year."

Harry is also widely syndicated on sites including MarketWatch, TheStreet, Forbes and more.

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Charts of the Day

Ballard Power Systems Inc. (BLDP) looks great and it has been gapping. On Monday, it gapped substantially on contract news, and closed up 2.57, or 14.8%, to 19.93, only 8 cents off the multi-year and session high of 20.01, on a solid 8.1 million shares traded. In after-hours it ran another 36 cents. Now, it is at the highest level in 19 years.
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Out of all the trade signals and alert programs out there, this one is by far the best!
David D. Email2020-06-03
"In the 3 weeks that I've been following you, I've turned my $93,843 into $118,379. I've learned a tremendous amount: channel trading, not chasing stocks, taking profits when I can, setting stops, making (and protecting!) money."
Swan Message to Harry2020-05-01
I truly applaud the absolutely immeasurable knowledge, commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm you bring to your website. Extremely well done and best seen to date--by far!
Danny A. Email2019-11-15
Since subscribing to your service, I live a dream life. I have officially made close to 3 million dollars over the past 18 months. AND I DO IT ALL DROM THE BEACH!
ORCA Trading Room2018-06-02
The members knowledge shared and discussed today are a big part of my this is the greatest trading chat room on this earth! Of course HB's brilliant chart work and guidance is second to none! Feeling grateful!
Slider Trading Room2018-06-09
Shortly after reading your book and being present in the chat and the webinars I saw huge success in trading due to your bluntness in your live streams and knowledge bestowed upon me from your chat. I've made roughly around 15,000 this year and I'm only nineteen so grateful for you harry you helped escape the rate race.
"Antonio" Message to Harry2019-12-19
I made $80,000 in one day with you and followed it up with a $120,000 day.... you are fantastic!
"alps" Email2017-12-31
The Tech Trader community feels like home. You set a high bar and push each us to be better traders every day. Your guidance, insights, videos and coaching are invaluable. I am a better trader for having joined your community. I will sharing my experiences and recommending your services in an upcoming video series on great teachers. I hope to help others find their way to a teachers like you who genuinely care and give value in a multitude of ways every day.
"Andrea1" Message to Harry2020-02-07
I wasn't sure about signing up here. I was impressed with the trial period but to take the big dive with the credit card? Anyway MARK has basically paid for me to be on here for the next decade so it turns out to have been a no-brainer all along.
"StephenHollowPoint" Trading Room2018-01-10
With the portfolio I had before subscribing along with choices of tickers posted by HB, I made 4 digits each trading day YTD and I am being conservative. I learned and still learning the proper entries and exits using conditional trade orders, stop loss levels. Thanks to TheTechTrader.
B.C. Email2020-01-22
Your NVDA, CLVS, NXPI, and MDVN picks have made me over $1.5 million!!!! TechTrader is Seriously the best investment I have ever made. Up $167K just today
"ORCA" Trading Room2017-01-27
HB. I've had some very, very hard lessons over the years myself including some very, very massive wrong way bets on some leveraged etfs. Now recovering and have been averaging $43k a month (sometimes as high as $68-78k) in gains (with your help). I still remember around 2004 using your service and I believe you had a ca$h register sound when you were calling a trade. I'm hoping you can continue for another 10 years or so with some good market calls etc. In any event, you are one of my heroes in life.
"StuRenr" Trading Room2016-09-04
Harry, thanks for picks like ZSAN and the hard work you do to make trades like this aware to the small retail trader. I only captured a small part of today's move but it was a two week paycheck for me. We do appreciate the long hours you put in every week to present great trading opportunities like this.
"Michael" Trading Room2018-03-08
I’m up over $10,000 with my free trial of 6 days with your picks and ideas.
MattyJ Message to Harry2019-12-11
Since I joined your room recently your calls have been spectacular and have helped me with the type of trading I do. The final judge is always the $'s you make and they have been significant.
PaulAP Trading Room2018-06-07
Day after day, month after month, no matter the overall condition of the market, folks can be assured the trades that HB presents and analyzes are the best and most timely the market has to offer. It is truly awesome. What's more, many of the ideas Harry presents are prescient and made available to the Tech Trader tribe often weeks before they are discussed on Cramer or mentioned in IBD. AS BK can attest, there is nobody better in the Game
"Geo_88" Trading Room2016-11-20
This is the best site/chat group I have been in. Great value for the money you charge. ‎In the 3 or 4 months I have been a subscriber, I have made enough money from your picks to only last me another 240 months.
"Beto" Message to Harry2017-10-02
As validation of the great traders in this room and the expertise of HB's guidance. I have just reached a major milestone in my trading journey. Member since 2014 and today I have joined the 6 figure club in my trading account! So a big thank you to everyone and a bigger thank you to you HB for your outstanding service!
"Slider" Trading Room2017-02-17
I've been at TechTrader for several years and, after trying many other services for a month or two, I have to say you're the absolute best in the business! Besides your awe-inspiring market genius, you're also a very special man. Wishing you every good thing in your next year! And thank you for all you do.
"Christina" Trading Room2017-12-09
I created a portfolio of your daily stock choices between Nov and Dec....'your' portfolio is up 34% in 2.5 months!!
Kay_W Message to Harry2020-02-05
This is probably the best $200 I have spent on any product in a long time. Thank you Harry, you are a great teacher, and a great guide. Learning a lot while making a good profit. I have lost money when I do not listen to your targets and stops.
"Prasad" Email2017-12-21
Hi, Harry, just wanted to give you some feedback of using your service. I started on 7/8 trading stock by reading your book and later joint your service. Today is 9/8, exactly 2 months. My total closed position is gaining $31077. Your service changed my path of life. Just want to express my appreciation.
"gchu" Trading Room2016-09-08
I've been with you for 2 years and my accounts across the board are up well over 100%, and I think the best is still ahead!
"hwyflier" Direct Message2017-12-17
I made enough money on my trial to pay for a year's subscription.
"Suzieq" Email2017-11-22
[Harry's] ethics and reputation are impeccable... he seems to genuinely enjoy putting his heart into it and it shows. At 200 dollar investment for his guidance for the first month, I made about 24k the first month and... I can already feel that I am learning much about how to change my attitude and improve my discipline."
Matt_Y Email2017-08-27
Can’t begin to thank you for the amazing education as well as all the good setups you have put me in and all bad situations you have helped me avoid. I am rarely able to watch a weekend webinar live and as a result rely on watching the taped video. That said, my kudos not only to you but to your staff behind the scenes that produce such top notch work. Your service is exceptional.
MaineMark Trading Room2017-09-23
HB ……was just sitting here enjoying some lunch and reading thru the posts. Got to say this: I am knocked out by your dedication HB to this site and community of traders. You put in SO MUCH WORK both during the session, before, and after. Including your great work on Saturday mornings, which no one would expect you to do. The great traders here are too many to name, all with slightly different styles. I was just struck by how much good stuff is here and wanted to give you a big thanks!
"Gunnsmoke" Trading Room2017-07-08
Just made 3 yrs here on Nov 13th. have learned so much on how to read a chart and techs its remarkable. This is the imo the greatest board in the stock universe. So many good to great traders if you listen to HB or just listen to his targets their is really hardly no way you can not make money. Even just trading just a little bit as i am now.
"opey8310" Trading Room2016-12-03
This month I started HB's intraday service. I was hesitant initially, since I am a busy mom of two little ones...and I mainly only do swings. But rarely do you have such a good opportunity to see a master navigate the market and ask him questions about your positions. There are some great swing trade ideas he talks about...and it is great to see how he looks at the charts. Even if you just have a few minutes, you will still benefit a lot!
"edel" Trading Room2017-01-20
Hey HB. Great trading week and great trading ever since I joined. I am going to brag, no doubt about it. But I brag only to let you know you are making me some serious $$'s. This week alone was a +$230k on NVDA and MDVN. I trade very strictly to you entry points, exit points, place my stops, and sell just below your targets on ONLY your day trade ideas. I tell everyone about you. Your jokes can really bomb sometimes, but your trades are top notch.
"ORCA" Trading Room2016-08-12

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